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Store Location929 Broadway (BW 21st/22nd St)
New York, NY 10010
Call or Email{212} 477 1315
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About Us

Tradition and terroir in the heart of Manhattan.

Our mission is to enrich the wine lives of our customers by providing a new and diverse source of artisanal wines at a convenient location in the heart of Manhattan – steps from the Union Square Green Market and Eataly. Our pricing is fair, our service is excellent, and our passion for wine is intense!

We fulfill our mission, first and foremost, by stocking our shop with delicious wines from the world’s greatest traditions and terroirs. We are looking for wines that are more than just a good beverage: wines that provide depth, nuance, the ability to sustain your interest throughout a meal, and a sense of place and tradition. What we don’t do is stock wines merely because they get high scores in glossy magazines or come from wineries with large marketing budgets. Instead, we taste widely, research carefully, and drink frequently to make sure that we provide you, our customers, with wines that will truly excite your passions, demand your attention, provide lasting pleasure, and honestly reflect the traditions and terroirs of the place where the wine is made.

In all we stock around 1500 wines (and growing). This does not allow us to stock every excellent wine in the world, so we have chosen to add depth by focusing on a number of regions that we feel most passionately about, and that have particularly great and varied terroirs and traditions: Burgundy, Beaujolais, the Loire Valley, the Rhone Valley, Piedmont, Tuscany, Mosel, California and Champagne.

You will find wines from many other regions, as well. We’re pretty sure we have the largest selection of natural wines from Sicily in NYC, for example, and our collection of Jura wines must come pretty close. We love the traditional wines of Rioja and Bordeaux. We are thrilled by the minerally offerings of Alsace or the Wachau. We are always looking out for distinctive cool climate wines from the Southern hemisphere. And we are excited to promote newly emerging wine regions such as Ribeira Sacra in Spain. Finally, promoting local wine production is one part of our mission, and we have one of the widest selections of New York State wines anywhere.

We find that most of the wines that fit our criteria for excellence are, as much as can be, products of nature. In our experience, most of the world’s most delicious wines are made with organically grown grapes using methods that are minimally interventionist. A full description of our approach to wines that are natural, organic, biodynamic or sustainable can be found here. Needless to say, we aim to be an excellent source for customers who seek wines that fit into these categories.

We also want to be a good source for customers who are looking for a more casual wine experience. Wine can be a pleasurable part of routine life, and that means that our customers need to be able to find, with minimum fuss, $15 and under wines that deliver great value. So we have 120 “grab and go” wines on our middle tables, representing great values from around the world. We pride ourselves on our ability to find truly delicious wines at these price levels!

Our widest selection is in the next price point up, where it is possible to find wines that aren’t only tasty and good value, but that really showcase the wine world’s great and varied traditions and terroirs. Finally, we have lots of carefully sourced cellar selections – both new releases for laying down, and mature bottles that are ready to consume.

Our selection of spirits mirrors this philosophy, with all the staples that you need, as well as a diverse selection of artisanal products from around the world.

Our staff have decades of experience working in the New York City wine market between them. We understand our customers’ passion and interests, from the new wine drinker trying to learn about the differences between new world and old, to the fanatic looking to geek out over semi-carbonic in the Rhone vs. Beaujolais. Our goal is to give all our customers the selection and the service that they crave and deserve!

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And finally, a shout-out:

The first thing customers often notice upon walking into our shop are the beautiful shelves (some examples pictured above). Whether by sight or by smell, you can't help but be impressed and, quite naturally, all conversations inevitably begin or end with the same question: "Who built them?". The answer is Andrew Rumpler of Nine Stories Furniture Co. and Johnny Edlund of Bell Furniture - both whom are based in Brooklyn, NY. These guys do great work and you can take a look for yourselves by visiting their sites.

Nine Stories Furniture Co.

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