Baudry La Croix Boissée Blanc: Power, clarity and class in a glass

If you're a regular newsletter reader you already know how much we admire Matthieu Baudry.  Following in the footsteps of his father, Bernard, today, Matthieu is making exceptional, organic, terroir-driven wines that we can’t get enough of. Over the years, we've written in great detail about the domaine's range of benchmark reds but today wanted to highlight Baudry's two whites, which include: an easy-going but exotic Chinon Blanc and the storied, benchmark La Croix Boissée Blanc.  In our experience, Baudry's bottlings are amongst the finest Chenins being produced in the world today and deserve mention alongside the greatest wines of Chinon. The Chinon Blanc is made from younger ... Read More »

Extraordinary Value from Classic Terroir: Pepiere’s Muscadet Les Gras Moutons

I wasn’t lying about how great the Milon Cuvee Caprice ’16 was the other day. It’s a hell of a wine for $19.99. Hey, but so is this Pepiere. Gras Moutons is one of Pepiere’s more serious cuvées. There are a few from this domaine, arguably Muscadet’s finest. 2016 is a very good, classical (ie not too ripe) vintage. This is really clean, like “spring water” clean. Iodine, stones and salt are present. Faintly creamy. There is really good “detailing” in the taste(s). You can find all kinds of pale notes in this wine. Fun stuff. There is some fruit flavor, too: nearly-ripe peach, citrus that is like lemon bordering on mandarin orange. But really, this is not a ... Read More »

2016 Héritiers du Comte Lafon: Laser Pure Chardonnay from the Mâconnais

Today, we are happy to highlight the recent arrival of the 2016s from Dominique Lafon's trailblazing Mâconnais project, Les Héritiers du Comte Lafon. As our regular newsletter readers know, Dominique, widely considered one of the finest winemakers in France, founded this domaine back in 1999 with an eye on making world class Chardonnay in a region known more for its industrially farmed, high volume wines.  The goal: produce some of the most complex, vibrant and impressive wines to express the unrealized potential of the Mâconnais. Since 2006, the day-to-day winemaking responsibilities have been in the hands of long-time apprentice, Caroline Gon.  Over the years, we have had the ... Read More »

Cuvée Caprice: Extraordinary Value From Classic Terroir

Milon’s Cuvée Caprice The “great” viticultural regions are most famous for their grandest wines; they usually take decades to mature and also cost a fortune. But these same venerated regions also produce fresh and delicious wines that can be drunk young- the kind locals choose for everyday expression of their local terroirs and traditions. Such pleasures are key to the enjoyment and understanding of wine itself. We drink Piedmontese Dolcetto, and Burgundy’s Bourgogne Rouge and Passetoutgrain. Yet for some reason, when it comes to Bordeaux we focus almost exclusively on the grand vins of the most famous châteaux; these giants need decades of cellar time before they are ready to drink. 2018 ... Read More »


Australian wine is often viewed in a negative light in the United States, largely because of the big box exporters that flooded the market with less than spectacular critter wines in the late 90s and early 2000s. I was lucky enough to spend several weeks down under recently and am happy to report that there is some truly amazing wine coming out of the driest continent. Australia is a large country, split into 6 states and 2 territories. There is a lot of great wine coming from many regions, but the states producing the most wine are Victoria and South Australia. Other regions of note producing great wine are Tasmania, Margaret River in Western Australia, and the Hunter Valley and Canberra ... Read More »

Top 5 Reasons to drink Cru Bourgeois

Why to drink Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois In my first post on Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois I explained: what they are: great Chateaux that didn't sell for enough to be classified as Bordeaux Cru Classé in 1855 how they came to exist: a bunch of the best non-Classé Chateaux banded together for marketing purposes, and why it all stopped working: it was too complicated and bureaucratic! In this, my second post on Bordeaux' Cru Bourgeois, I want to give you five reasons to look beyond Bordeaux' Grand Cru Classé–more specifically, five reasons to look at the Cru Bourgeois wines for delicious values that do everything we want our wines to do. 1. The Virtual Circle of Good Money Making Great ... Read More »

James Bond and the terroir of Cognac

Is there terroir in Cognac? In "Goldfinger" there is a great scene where James Bond and M are having dinner with Colonel Smithers of the Bank of England and learning about the gold business. After a presumably sumptuous dinner the banker brandishes a beautiful cut crystal decanter and says, "Have a little more of this rather disappointing brandy." M looks at and sniffs at his glass and asks, "Why, what is the matter with it?" Know-it-all James Bond states categorically, "I'd say it was a 30 year old Fine and indifferently blended with an overdose of Bon Bois." The banker replies, "Quite right." M, obviously perturbed says, "Colonel Smithers is giving the lecture 007." James ... Read More »

Clusel-Roch Cote-Rotie winemaker tasting!

[caption id="attachment_11602" align="alignleft" width="600"] Gilbert and Ghuilhaume Clusel at work[/caption] Meet-the-winemaker tasting with Clusel Roch Cote Rotie's Cote Rotie is one of France's great regions... and bottles of Cote Rotie are generally priced accordingly. So these aren't wines we get to open very often. But today is special! Not only are we opening spectacular Cote Rotie from a top vintage, we also have the winemaker in the Manhattan store to pour the wines and talk about them. We hope you'll join us for this rare, free Cote Rotie tasting, Friday, November 17 from 5:00-7:00 pm at our Manhattan shop on Broadway between 21st and 22nd! (If you happen to be hanging out ... Read More »

Free Bourbon, Gin and Reisetbauer Tasting

Beautiful stills, beautiful spiritsMichael Skurnik is famous for importing many of the world's greatest wines. But they also carry spirits--and their selection is every bit as great as you'd expect. Join us Thursday, November 16 from 5-7pm, when Ginger pours 3 gems from Skurnik's portfolio: Medley Bros., Bourbon, $24.99 Classic Bourbon at a great price. Have a taste neat. Neversink Spirits Gin, $44.99 From a base of New York State apples, corn, wheat and barley, this local gin is distilled through a blend of 11 botanicals to create a well balanced, floral and aromatic spirit.  The botanicals are chosen to pair with apples, including three types of fresh citrus, star anise, cardamom, ... Read More »

Chateauneuf du Pape Dinner with Vieux Telegraphe Winemaker, Daniel Brunier

[caption id="attachment_11478" align="alignleft" width="960"] Daniel with old vines and Galets Roulés[/caption]           We are super-thrilled to be able to invite you to an intimate dinner with Daniel Brunier, proprietor and head winemaker of Vieux Télégraphe. Vieux Télégraphe is one of the best wines in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, from one of its supreme sites and made by some of its greatest talents, and this promises to be a wonderful and exceptionally rare opportunity. When: Tuesday, October 24th, 8pm Where: Blue Ribbon Federal Grille, 84 William Street, New York Price: $190 (including food, wine, tax and tip) Sold Out For Now... We are exploring ... Read More »