Pursued by Bear: Kyle Maclachlan will be here this Thursday, 4/26, to pour his rosé.

You may know him as Agent Dale Cooper, or the mayor of Portland, or Charlotte's terrible first husband, or any one of the dozens of roles he's played over the years. But one of the newest, and most exciting, characters that Kyle Maclachlan has taken on has been that of winemaker, producing outstanding Washington state wines. We were very excited when Kyle approached us, and asked if we'd be interested in tasting the wines. And then, once we had tasted the wine, we were thrilled to discover that the wines were good -- very good. We've got a rosé that rivals any rosé from Provence, and a Syrah that is perfect any day of the week. They are really delicious wines, and the winemaking is seriously ... Read More »

2013 Brovia Barolo: The best straight Barolo you are likely to come across

Our Reasonable Cellar posts are so often about things that are slightly off. An off region. An off grape. An off vintage. But today nothing is off at all. The inspiration was Brovia Barolo 2008. In one of my better moves, I tucked a way an entire case of the wine when we got it maybe five or six years ago. About a couple of years ago I cracked my first bottle. Now I love mature Barolo most of all, but I’m pretty OK with young Barolo too. I’m pretty happy with fresh, tannic reds, especially with grilled beef. But not when they’re shut down! 2008 Brovia Barolo: A 'decent' vintage now at ten years is singing That first bottle of 2008 that I opened, maybe 18 months ago, was totally ... Read More »

Top Ten Wines to Drink this Spring – New York

It's not quite spring-like outside here in New York, but warmer weather and asparagus is surely just around the corner -- and of course our colleagues and customers in San Francisco are already well into their beautiful spring (SF will get its own version of this blog post shortly; in the mean time, you'll see that some of the wines noted below are available in both shops). So what does all this mean for wine? Basically three things. It's the beginning of Rosé season and everyone is eager to change up their wine game with something pink. Fortunately, some of our favorites have just arrived and make their way on to the list below. It's also time to think about spring vegetables and to address ... Read More »

Friday: Spanish Wine Tasting with Hadley

We love Hadley -- she's a great wine rep, and she sells us some fantastic wine. David Bowler Wines brings in wine from anywhere and everywhere, and it's always of the highest quality. Tonight, we'll be tasting an assortment of Spanish wines, from all over the Iberian peninsula. The terroir within Spain is incredibly diverse, as are the winemaking techniques from winemaker to winemaker. We'll be tasting a classic Rioja, a sparkling rosé from the Canary Islands, a Rias Baixas Albariño and a fun little Graciano from Navarro that's perfect for any and every day. Viva España and Salud! Bodegas Los Bermejos, Listan Negro Rosado Espumoso, 2014 $29.99 $25.49 Pedralonga, Rias Baixas Albarino, ... Read More »

Thursday! Meet the Winemaker: Dominique Hauvette

We are thrilled to bring you yet another winemaker tasting. This time, we'll be welcoming Dominque Hauvette, of Les Baux de Provence's Domaine Hauvette. Her meticulous approach to winemaking, combined with the unmatched terroir of Provence, make for some pretty spectacular wine. She will be in the store, pouring her wines, this Thursday from 6pm to 8pm. Decades ago, Dominique left her job as an attorney and her life in the Savoie to seek out new prospects in the sunny South. She found herself some vines nestled in the rugged terrain of Les Baux de Provence, and quickly set to work, establishing herself as a benchmark producer of natural, French wine. She believes firmly in a low-intervention ... Read More »

Asimov’s latest The Pour post is a gem

Eric Asimov’s latest post, "Everyday Wines: The Most Important Bottles You Will Drink," at his New York Times Blog, The Pour, is a gem. And I’m not saying that just because he said to “find a good wine shop” with a link to his article saying that “[i]nstitutions like Chambers Street Wines, Flatiron Wines & Spirits and Crush Wine & Spirits in New York are great for expert and novice alike, and they serve a nationwide clientele.” No, this has nothing to do with validation in the National Press… It’s because Eric has, once again, nailed how we actually drink wine. His eight tips are spot on and we’d recommend you read them.  Here is a helpful link to read it ... Read More »

Looking forward to the week ahead in San Francisco – March 18th 2018

Friends of Flatiron Wines SF, Here is a quick look at the week ahead at Flatiron Wines & Spirits - San Francisco. In-Store Tastings Wednesday 3/21, Meeet the Winemaker: Amy Chappellet, Chappellet Winery | Chappellet produces wines of extraordinary power, grace and balance. The family purchased 320 acres of rocky hillsides above the valley in the mid-60s including the soon to be famous  Pritchard Hill Vineyard, which quickly became recognized as one of the worlds best locations to grow Cabernet Sauvignon. When Don Chappellet purchased this prime mountainside Napa land, he paid the same price that it would cost to buy one comparable acre today, thus these world class wines are often ... Read More »

Saint Joseph’s Feast Day and the wines of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph Rouge (the red wine of Saint Joseph) is made with Red Syrah and up to 10% of the white grapes Marsanne and Roussanne. Saint Joseph Blanc (the white Saint Joseph) is made from Marsanne and/or Roussanne). They are excellent wines with a variety of foods and we love any excuse to open a bottle with dinner. Sam Sifton’s most recent What to Cook this Week noted that Monday, March 19 is the feast of Saint Joseph. That immediately put me in mind of the delicious wine of the same name from the Northern Rhone. What a great excuse to enjoy a Monday evening bottle of Saint Joseph! Then I read that the feast is traditionally a Lenten one, and my first instinct was disappointment. Saint ... Read More »

Domaine Gramenon’s “Ceps Centenaire La Mémé”

There’s rare, and then there’s rare. And Gramenon’s top wine, the “Ceps Centenaire La Mémé,” has always been rare. For years, the New York allocation was so tiny that the local agent refused to work with it for fear of disappointing too many customers. But we begged and we pleaded, badgered and cajoled, and two years ago we finally got enough to offer to a sub-list of our newsletter readers. And last year we got enough to offer to our whole Newsletter. And this year we finally have enough to be able to put it a few cases online. Why all the fuss? Here’s a quick overview of Gramenon and their culty top wine. Who is Gramenon? Gramenon is a tiny, family domaine run by Michèle ... Read More »

Looking forward to the week ahead in San Francisco – March 11th 2018

Friends of Flatiron Wines SF, Here is a quick look at the week ahead at Flatiron Wines & Spirits - San Francisco. Don't want to miss beat? Sign-up for our newsletter already!  As loyal subscribers already know, the newsletter is not only the best place to get first crack at your favorite, hard-to-find wines at special discounts but it's also where we go in great depth about the producers, vintages, regions and trends in the world of fine wine. We send it once a week on Wednesday, unless, you elect to receive more. You can do so by using the form below or, here, if our site's sophisticated technology isn't functioning as described. ;) In-Store Tastings Tuesday 3/13, Eric ... Read More »