2007 Cantalupo Ghemme: The Thrill of Something That’s Been Around

I'm as guilty as every other wine geek in America, and get super excited about the latest thing. A new vintage of my favorite Haute Cote de Bourgogne from Digoia-Rohyer shows up, and I have to bring it home and drink it immediately.  Because it's new.  Even though I have a bottle from two vintages earlier that are readier to drink. But I don't make that mistake every night. Last night, my wife and I drank Cantalupo's 2007 Ghemme. At Flatiron, we have been happily buying and re-ordering this wine since 2015. It's now 10 years old, and it's astonishing to think that we still have it on our shelves at its original release price. Ghemme is one of those villages up above Barolo in the area called ... Read More »

Brovia’s Barolo — Not so Normale?

Single vineyard vs Blended wines in Barolo Most of Barolo's top wines these days are made from single vineyards. We love this micro-terroir focus, but it is actually a fairly modern trend. Traditional Barolo is a blend from a number of different vineyard sites—each contributing different elements—to make sure that the final wine has a "completeness" to it. Of today's top Barolos, only Bartolo Mascarello is still made in this way. The result is that many wine drinkers, even some Barolo lovers, think of the term “normale,” often used to refer to a winery’s non-vineyard-designate Barolo, as almost a pejorative. But in the case of many of our favorite producers, like Brovia, the ... Read More »

Flatiron on TV: Beau’s Valentine’s Day wines

Beau was on TV this morning sharing some Valentine's Day picks: Champagne, Muscadet (for oysters), Bedrock (for Steak) and port for dessert. The wines looked great and so did Beau! In case Beau's piece made you thirsty for some of these wines, here they are, all in the San Francisco store. Looking for something similar in NY? Call us (212-477-1315) or chat now using the button at the bottom of the page! Lallement Champagne Rosé, $64.99 Domaine de la Pépière Muscadet Classique, 2015 $14.99 Bedrock Red Blend Heritage, Bedrock Vineyard, 2015 $49.99 Quinta do Tedo, Porto Rose, NV $27.99 Read More »

Now entering Piedmont’s Golden Age… for drinking!

The dark age of Piedmont was the early 1990s. Fresh off the twin victories of 1989 and 1990, things just seemed to fall apart. The 91s and 92s completely sucked. The 93s were drinkable, but not great. The 1994s were worse. The 1995s were actually considered good, but only because the Piedmontese were dying to have something to celebrate. Then suddenly, everything changed. 1996 was a great Piedmont vintage. And since then every vintage has been either good or great, with the sole exceptions of 2002 and 2003. It’s not just Mother Nature that’s been kind. Producers have been steadily upping their game as well. Farming improved dramatically. Green harvests were introduced. Sorters were ... Read More »

Sang des Cailloux: NYC meet-the-winemaker tasting tonight!

Serge Férigoule is at Flatiron Wines NY, 929 Broadway tonight from 5-7pm [caption id="attachment_10820" align="alignleft" width="382"] Serge and his mustache are visiting Flatiron NY tonight only![/caption] It’s a cool autumn day—perfect for the gnarly, wild, warming and delicious Rhone wines Serge makes on the “plateau des garrigues” in Vacqueyras. Garrigues, of course, is the wild herb blend that grows everywhere in this part of France. And you can taste it in Serge’s wines. You can also taste layers of dark fruit, minerals and animally goodness. The wines are intense and deep, but balanced and drinkable. Serge works organically, by hand, in a traditional manner. The ... Read More »

House Wine: Sancerre Rosé Edition

Back in the early 1980s I ran a wine bar in DC called Suzanne's. There was the first time I had Sancerre Rosé, and I was immediately struck by how grassy, crisp, and mineral it tasted. So refreshing! Still pretty new to wine, I wondered what grape it was made of.... and was very surprised when I learned that it was 100% Pinot Noir! We had a Valentine's Day dinner and served Sancerre Rosé with Coulibiac of salmon. It was a big hit! Sancerre is now virtually synonymous with Sauvignon Blanc, but it used to be mostly a red-wine town? It’s true: the Pinot Noir from this special spot of Kimmeridgian soils used to be famous. However, after the American soil louse, phylloxera, hitched a ride over ... Read More »

Top Five Wines for Beating the Heat

Funny, but folks in the wine business – at least on the East Coast – used to assume that the wine industry sort of shut down between June and August. While everyone was on vacation, we all just sat around excited for September to roll back around. Then the rosé phenomenon set in. If they can do it on the Cote d'Azur, why not on the Cote d'Est of the United States? Actually, it's not just here in New York, but in Paris and well beyond that rosé has become the thing to drink all summer long. Now we stay busy up until September selecting and featuring the many delicious and refreshing rosé there is to enjoy throughout the season. With these thoughts in mind, I have made a top-five summer ... Read More »

Castello di Rubbia

Here's what's simple about the wines of Castello di Rubbias from Friuli: they're delicious and perfect for summer, whether you want a medium-bodied white wine with floral and mineral notes, a meaty red wine to go with BBQ, or an exquisite orange wine to blow everybody's minds. But that's about all that's simple about them. The wines come from Carso, an Italian (and Slovenian... more on that later) region with a slew of grapes, both local and French. The climate is influenced by both the Alps and the Mediterranean, with a strong north wind in the mix as well. And the rocks! The region gives its name to the strange geology found here, characterized by very thin, red, iron-rich soil over a limestone ... Read More »

Peter Lauer: 2015 Barrel X and Senior

We're always excited for the arrival of Peter Lauer’s “Barrel X” and “Senior” as they're one of our first (and favorite!) tastes of the new vintage from Germany. But we're even more excited than usual for the lauded 2015s to arrive, though admittedly a little sad, too, knowing they'll disappear as quickly as they came. [caption id="attachment_10659" align="alignright" width="420"] Ayler Kupp[/caption] Florian Lauer, the fifth-generation winemaker of Weingut Peter Lauer is one of the finest vignerons in Germany. Thoughtfully farming a number of sites in the Saar Valley, largely in the esteemed Ayler Kupp, Florian’s wines are known for having both depth and precision and for revealing ... Read More »

Grain & Granit: Charly Thévenet’s 2010 Regnie

We go on and on about cellaring Beaujolais: it's inexpensive, matures beautifully and on a reasonable schedule (years, not decades), and the mature experience just doesn't tend to be as available on the secondary market. And we've also said it is time to start paying attention to Beaujolais' new generation of top producers. Well, today we confirm everything above, except for that bit about not finding mature examples. Because, thanks to a new generation star, Charly Thévenet, we've got gorgeous wine in stock from a stellar vintage with half a decade of bottle age. Son of Jean-Paul Thévenet (a bona fide member of the Gang of Four) Charly is a true Beaujolais princeling. A good experimenter, ... Read More »