Tastings This Week

Soave, Amarone + 1997 Felsina Chianti

We'll begin with our go-to organic Soave from PRA. Dry and fresh with herbal and hazlenut undertones, it's utterly perfect on a chilly spring day. Then, since the season's not quite over, savor some Amarone, the powerhouse dry red of the Veneto. Made according to the age-old recioto tecnique, grapes are harvested late, then laid out to dry prior to fermentation. Brigaldara's expression-- as powerful and concentrated as you'd expect--is aged in all larger barrel so it retains a purity of fruit that is often hard to find. Read More »

Loire Lovin': Marc Olivier and Bernard Baudry

Domaine Bernard Baudry, and Domaine de La Pepiere, two favorites from the Loire Valley are what's drinking this Saturday at Flatiron! Read More »

Sunday Spirits: Michter's Rye and Bourbon

Michter's is an American whiskey company that traces it’s lineage back to America’s first whiskey company in Pennsylvania in 1753. Back then, local rye was the preferred grain to create a hearty distillate though they’ve since stretched their repertoire.  With a whiskey-making line that’s older than our country, it’s safe to say these guys know how to make some sweet American juice.  Come out and taste with us on Sunday Read More »