Tastings This Week

Thursday Spirits: Botanica Gin

Farid Dormishian, a biochemist with a degree from U.C Berkley and a life-long fascination with the distillation process opened Falcon Spirits Distillery just this year, in Richmond California. His first product, Botanica Gin is his "endeavor to capture the spirits of over 12 Botanicals in a bottle." The juniper here mingles seamlessly with the various other herb and fruit components resulting in a wonderfully spicy, lively and cohesive aromatic style gin that should not be missed! Read More »

Edges of Burgundy: Saint-Aubin

We're sure many of you read Jeff's blog post on the wonderful wines emerging from the "second-growth" AOC of Saint-Aubin in Burgundy's illustrious Côte de Beaune. Here, in a separate valley on the other side of the hill of Montrachet, land is divided by the village of Gamay, into east and west. In this region, at the highest elevation in all of Beaune, subtle differences in soil composition, orientation and sun exposure make all the difference. Read More »

Sunday Spirits: Rowan's Creek Bourbon

Straight 'outta Bardstown Kentucky, and named for the creek that runs through the KBD distillery (providing the freshest limestone spring water, an essential element in any quality bourbon) the Rowan's is one of our favorite small batch American whiskies. Plus it's available and under $50...Unheard of! Read More »