Tastings This Week

Meet the Winemakers: Silvio Messana of Montesecondo and Elena Panteleoni of La Stoppa

In 1999, after many years in the wine industry in NYC, Silvio Messana decided to return to his families estate in Chianti Classico. Now at the helm of winemaking at Montesecondo, he crafts some of the purest, most traditional Tuscan wine on the market today. Read More »

Meet the Winemakers: Tom and Kate Monroe from Division Winemaking Co.

The food and wine scene in Portland is thriving, and right at the helm of things are Thomas and Kate Monroe of the Division Winemaking Company. The couple met in San Francisco and after discovering their joint passion, honed their skills working in vineyards in Burgundy, Beaujolais and the Northern Rhone. Working naturally and sourcing from some of Oregon's best sites, they're crafting supremely drinkable wines, reminiscent of the Loire or Beaujolais but unmistakably Oregonian...Drop by on Thursday to hear (and taste) what they're doing and learn all about Portland's burgeoning urban wine movement. Read More »

The Last Vintage from the Great Patrick Bize

Of all the great Burgundy lining the shelves at Flatiron, Simon Bize has always stood out. Under the leadership of the founders son Patrick since 1972, this small estate in Savigny has been a go-to source for quality, complexity and terroir in both their reds and their whites Their relatively modest price point made them even more coveted by those in the know. Read More »

Hirotake Ooka's Le Canon: Taste before it disappears...

The phrase may be trite but if if ever there was an appropriate time to speak of "cult wines" and "cult winemakers", this would be it. Hirotake Ooka, a Japanese winemaker working biodynamically in the Northern Rhone makes hardly any wine. People fight over allocations. Yes we are tasting it in shop on Saturday...We have 8 bottles. They are non-discountable. Read More »

Sunday Spirits: Due North Rum

From the Van Brunt Stillhouse on the Brooklyn waterfront, made entirely of organic, unprocessed sugar comes the Due North Rum. When presented with a ration of pure rum at sea (instead of the usual watered down grog) sailers would refer to it as "Due North." Delicate and aged to perfection, this would have had those sailers singing... Read More »