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Azienda Agricola Gulfi: Indigenous Grapes of Sicily

When Venus, the goddess of love, saw Psyche, a mortal woman, she was so jealous of her beauty that she sent Cupid to kill her. Instead Cupid fell in love and the two eventually married. Their child was Voluptas ("Hedone" in Greek) the personification of pleasure. At the Gulfi estate in Southeastern Sicily, this is the allegory used to convey their union with the land, and the wines born as a result. Read More »

Bubbles from Burgundy...In Magnum!

The forecast for Saturday looks pretty miserable, but before you hunker down, pop by the shop for some "supplies." While your at it, sip on some Cremant from one of our favorite estates in Pommard. Mostly Pinot with a touch of Chard and a whole lot of happy, your Winter doldrums will be a thing of the past--especially after tasting through the rest of the wines in this great lineup! Read More »

Sunday Spirits: Bittersweet Treats--Salers Gentiane and Cardamaro

Salers is the oldest gentian liqueur of its style, made from gentian root from the Auvergne region of France steeped in neutral grain alcohol and matured in oak.  It is less sweet than its counterparts and has no artificial coloring.  A perfect earthy aperitif for sipping or mixing... Read More »