For Drinking Now

My recent blog post about what regions and vintages collectors should be focusing on their buying activities on led me to another question: What regions and vintages should we be focusing our drinking on?  Here's a list of ideas for current drinking:   1.  2001 White Burgundy.  The premox curse makes it very difficult to find and drink mature white Burgundy.  Wines from the pre-Premox era (which began around 1995) are now mostly too old, top wines aside.  My solution is the 2001 vintage.  Though it was never considered a great vintage, it has for reasons that are mysterious to me held up way better than any of the surrounding vintages.  Yes, you'll come across the ... Read More »

Drink wine for kids’ tennis!

King's County Tennis League is an amazing organization, devoted to teaching tennis to kids living in and around Brooklyn's housing projects. It was started at Bed-Stuy's Marcy Houses in 2010, and has grown to five teams. It's more about getting kids out on the courts and enjoying the game than trying to create the next U.S. Open Champion. We love tennis and we're just blown away by the work that the KCTL and its team of volunteers is doing to bring the joys and lessons of the sport to kids who otherwise wouldn't get the chance to get coaching. So we're thrilled to be able to help out by donating the wine for their Annual Fundraiser (Interested? Get your event tickets here.), which will be ... Read More »

10 Top Vintages to Get Ready For Now

Collectors, how will you allocate your budget in the buying season coming up? Here would be my top picks based on what's available or coming into the marketplace these days. 1.  2014 Loire Valley.  True, there are still 86 years left, so it's too early to declare 2014 to be the "vintage of the century" in the Loire Valley, but it is certainly being widely recognized as the best vintage so far.  Both reds and whites are stunning.  Buy Sancerre from top producers.  Buy Chinons and Saumurs.  Buy lots of Vouvray. Buy Muscadet. 2.  2014 Beaujolais.  2014 was pretty good across France.  Beaujolais, like the Loire, was a special highlight, and the 2014s are just starting to come on to the ... Read More »

On Scoring Wine

You may have noticed that, unlike many other wine shops and web sites, we don’t spend a lot of energy talking about scores and points. First, let me say that, in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with judging wine and summarizing your judgment with a numeric score.  The fact is, some wine is better than other wine.  And some wine is a lot better than other wine, while sometimes it’s pretty close.  Rather than use words like “a lot” or “pretty close”, it’s OK to use numbers to represent those thoughts. Maybe you like a scale out of 5, and the number 5 means really awesome and 3 means it’s pretty good and 1 means it sucks.  That’s just fine.  A 100 point scale (which ... Read More »