Free Tri-State Wine Delivery to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Nobody likes to pay shipping charges, so we are thrilled to be able to announce that the New York store now offers free shipping on all online orders above $129 to New York, New Jersey or Connecticut! Yup, whether you need a case of rosé for a party, a special bottle of Cabernet for a dinner, or a special gift for a client, we will get it there for you, no extra charge. We’re going to try to keep tweaking and expanding this program, so please let us know how you like it and what we could do to improve it here or in the note of your order. And if you do like it, please share it with your friends! Here are some details: · Your online order must be over $129, before tax and after ... Read More »

Fucci: One of Italy’s Greatest Wines? Or the World’s?

"Aglianico del Vulture is potentially one of the world’s—not just Italy’s—greatest wines and no single bottling demonstrates its quality better than the Titolo" - Ian D'Agata, Vinous If you love the great Nebbiolos of Piedmont, then you are also certain to love the red wines of Campania and Basilicata made from the Aglianico grape. Like Nebbiolo, it has naturally high acidities, good structure, and superb aromatics. In fact, many experienced blind tasters (and us!) have been known to confuse top examples with great Barolo. Xarel-lo may have been our Fall obsession; this winter we worship Aglianico. So our ears perked up when a friend of the shop talked about how much he loved ... Read More »

Bartolo Mascarello’s Dolcetto: Here Now, for a Hot second!

We've been championing Piedmont's "little grapes"–Dolcetto, Freisa, Pelaverga, etc.–for years now, both in our newsletters and in the shop. So we were psyched when Eric Asimov turned to Dolcetto for November's New York Times Wine School. It was a great piece, as always. But it did include one wine that was a bit of a tease: Bartolo Mascarello's Dolcetto. Like all of Bartolo's wines, the Dolcetto is amazing. It both exemplifies and transcends the type. Like all great Dolcetto it's a delicious, fruit-focused taste of Piedmontese terroir when it's young. But unlike most Dolcetto (which you should drink, as Hugh Johnson says, youngest available), it ages magically. With a few months or ... Read More »

The Reasonable Cellar:  Savary Chablis

Keeping a cellar may seem fussy, complicated and expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Just a year ago, I purchased a case of Savary Chablis 2012. With a 10% case discount, it was about $22 per bottle. I took the case, and I put it in my basement. It was not a refrigerated space, but it never gets that warm in the summer, probably never above 70. This is not ideal for long term storage, but just fine for a year. Recently I was stumbling around the basement looking for my kid's ice skates, and there was the case. We are selling the 2014 right now in the shop, and online. It's a great vintage, but not yet quite where I like my village-level Chablis. Young Chablis is fresh and piercing, and I ... Read More »

Flatiron Wines SF: Celebrating one year

Dear Friends of Flatiron, We are excited to announce a very special event taking place tomorrow evening in our San Francisco shop. As we are a little over a year old now, it is only appropriate that we have a proper celebration. And what better way than to have a party with 7 winemakers from legendary importer Becky Wasserman? These growers have traveled all the way from France and Switzerland and will be finishing up their latest 'tour de États-Unis', so don't miss out on the chance to meet them, imbibe, and be merry with us! The event will take place on Tuesday (3/7) evening from 5pm-7pm and tickets will be only $15 to taste up to 16 wines & there will be cider too! Below is ... Read More »

Free Shipping anywhere in California on orders over $129!

Nobody likes to pay shipping charges. So in February, we ran a special shipping offer from the California store: no extra delivery charges on orders above $150. Thank you to all of our friends, new—and returning—customers, who tried it out! In fact, so many people tried it and loved it­­ that we’ve decided to make it permanent! So, starting today Tuesday February 28th, all orders over $129 from our San Francisco store will qualify for free shipping to any address in California! Yup, whether you need a case of rosé for a party, a special bottle of Cabernet for a dinner, or a special gift for a client, we will get it there for you, no extra charge. We’re going to try to ... Read More »

Brovia’s Barolo — Not so Normale?

Single vineyard vs Blended wines in Barolo Most of Barolo's top wines these days are made from single vineyards. We love this micro-terroir focus, but it is actually a fairly modern trend. Traditional Barolo is a blend from a number of different vineyard sites—each contributing different elements—to make sure that the final wine has a "completeness" to it. Of today's top Barolos, only Bartolo Mascarello is still made in this way. The result is that many wine drinkers, even some Barolo lovers, think of the term “normale,” often used to refer to a winery’s non-vineyard-designate Barolo, as almost a pejorative. But in the case of many of our favorite producers, like Brovia, the ... Read More »

Free Shipping promo… this week only!

This week only (ending Sunday, February 19th at 11:59 pm) enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders of at least $150. You don't need any special code to take advantage: You will see the free-shipping option at check-out, assuming you're order is above $150 and you're in one of the free-shipping states (listed below). From our NEW YORK shop: All states bordering the Atlantic Ocean where we are able to ship, including all of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, D.C., Florida, Vermont, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio and West Virginia. From our SAN FRANCISCO shop: All of California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. And more good news: You can combine this offer ... Read More »

Flatiron on TV: Beau’s Valentine’s Day wines

Beau was on TV this morning sharing some Valentine's Day picks: Champagne, Muscadet (for oysters), Bedrock (for Steak) and port for dessert. The wines looked great and so did Beau! In case Beau's piece made you thirsty for some of these wines, here they are, all in the San Francisco store. Looking for something similar in NY? Call us (212-477-1315) or chat now using the button at the bottom of the page! Lallement Champagne Rosé, $64.99 Domaine de la Pépière Muscadet Classique, 2015 $14.99 Bedrock Red Blend Heritage, Bedrock Vineyard, 2015 $49.99 Quinta do Tedo, Porto Rose, NV $27.99 Read More »

Produttori del Barbaresco 2013–Better than 2010 Barbaresco?

Three years ago we offered the Produttori del Barbaresco 2010 to our newsletter friends and suggested buying it by the case: an under-$35 wine that is delicious to drink on release but that just gets better and better for year or even decades. And we took our own advice–but even at that, we didn't buy enough. Don't you wish you still had cases of the 2010 lying around now? We do! But with the release of the 2013s, nature has given us another chance. Vintages this great usually come only once in every generation or so. But this time, they're only three years apart. As Jancis Robinson puts it (in her clinical British prose), "The prognosis is for a vintage similar in quality to the ... Read More »