The Reasonable Cellar:  Savary Chablis

Keeping a cellar may seem fussy, complicated and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Just a year ago, I purchased a case of Savary Chablis 2012. With a 10% case discount, it was about $22 per bottle.

I took the case, and I put it in my basement. It was not a refrigerated space, but it never gets that warm in the summer, probably never above 70. This is not ideal for long term storage, but just fine for a year.

Recently I was stumbling around the basement looking for my kid’s ice skates, and there was the case. We are selling the 2014 right now in the shop, and online. It’s a great vintage, but not yet quite where I like my village-level Chablis. Young Chablis is fresh and piercing, and I love that, but it lacks complexity and that signature Chablis oyster-shell flavor that really starts to explode a year or two after release.

A gem in the making... Domaine Savary Chablis 2014

A gem in the making… Domaine Savary Chablis 2014

So when I found that case of 2012, I felt like my past self had just given me — the present-day me — a gift. Of course, I cracked that case and had the first bottle that same evening. It was as perfect as village-level Chablis can be and incredibly satisfying — one of those bottles that make you wonder why you ever bother to spend more than $30 on wine, and very happy to know that you have 11 more bottles.

But now it’s time to repay the favor. I have my future self to think about! Many prices have been going up, but not the Savary. It’s still $22 with the case discount. A better, more structured vintage than 2012, it’s likely to offer that same level of complexity and satisfaction a year or two from now, but will likely also continue developing after that. Maybe this is one where I should stick a case in that basement, and another in cold storage somewhere…

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