Top 10 Wines for Summer that aren’t Rosé or Prosecco

No, I don’t just drink Rose and G&Ts all summer long. I simply can’t survive three months of the year without some more serious flavors. Here’s what I do:

1. Riesling. This one’s a no-brainer. Celebrate the last Summer of Riesling by drinking my pick: Dr. Burklin-Wolf, Estate Dry Riesling, 2012 ($17.99).

2. Chablis. You can still drink Chardonnay in the heat! Chablis has the acidity and minerality needed to refresh. We have plenty of nice easy examples, but for this one I’m going fancy: Fevre Chablis Les Clos 2000 ($99.99).

3. Reds from the Jura. The whites can be a little wintry, but Jura reds have a lightness to them that is perfect for a room temperature meal. Asparagus with proscuitto and maybe a poached egg on top? Don’t forget to chill the wine down a bit. My pick: Montbourgeau, Cotes du Jura Poulsard 2012 ($24.99).

4. Cru Beaujolais. This is wine I drink all year long, maybe just cooled down a little more in the summer months. I don’t care what the weather is like outside, Clos de la Roilette, Fleurie 2012 is a delicious bottle of wine ($21.99).

5. Champagne. It’s time to get a little fancier again. Champagne is the perfect serious wine to drink al fresco when the sun is bright. But it doesn’t have to be that serious. The lovely Cuvee Vendemiaire from Doyard hits just the note of easy sophistication that I’m looking for ($39.99).

6. California Cabernet. I know, this sounds like crazy talk. But you’re going to be cooking hamburgers outside this summer and you’ll appreciate the exuberant fruitiness that only California can offer. Still, I like my wine Euro-style, and I’ll stick to something cool climate with a little age: Renaissance, Claret Prestige 2000 ($69.99).

7. Aged Muscadet. I love mature white wines, and warm weather is as good an excuse as any to break out an older Muscadet. This is one of the most over-looked white wine values on the planet. Try Domaine de la Louvetrie, Muscadet “Le Fief du Breil,” 2000 ($54.99).

8. Chianti Classico. I grill a lot of steak in my backyard during the summer. I often just serve it with a squeeze of lemon and some olive oil. Guess where else they do that? In Tuscany. Chianti is essential. My pick: Felsina, Chianti Classico, 2010 ($29.99).

9. Malbec. See item 8 above. Replace lemon and olive oil with “chimichurri.” I think you see where I’m going with this. But please, don’t get any of the gross industrial Malbecs that are flooding the market. Try the honest and traditional Carmelo Patti 2012 ($29.99).

10. Fine Burgundy. Why not? It’s delicious, so crank up the air conditioning and enjoy. Believe me, it can get pretty warm in the Cote d’Or, and they don’t switch to Rose. Here’s a treat: Comte Armand, Clos des Epeneaux 2002 ($135).

As always, you can buy these summer wines through the links to our webpage above.  But if you’d like some help rounding these 10 bottles up to a full case or personalizing these recommendations you can also email us here or just call the shop (212-477-1315).  We’d be happy to putting something together to your specifications and to arrange delivery too, of course!

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