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Store Location929 Broadway (BW 21st/22nd St)
New York, NY 10010
Call or Email{212} 477 1315
info [at] Flatiron-Wines.com


Where are you located?
Flatiron Wines & Spirits, 929 Broadway, New York, NY, 10010, 212-477-1315. We are between 21st Street and 22nd Street, on the corridor of Broadway that runs from Union Square to Madison Square. This is the center of Manhattan's Flatiron neighborhood, nestled between Chelsea and Gramercy Park and just a short walk from amazing food shopping including both the Union Square Green Market and Eataly, as well as the Bedford Cheese Shop and Beecher's Handmade Cheese factory. There's lots of local stuff to eat with our wine and food!
How can I talk to someone about a wine I saw on your web site?
You can give us a call at 212-477-1315. Please make sure you ask to speak with a wine specialist. Also feel free to email us with your inquiry at info [at] Flatiron-Wines.com. We try and respond quickly.
How do you store your wine?
Most of our wine rests comfortably below 60 degrees in the climate-controlled cellar beneath our store. We obsessively monitor temperature and humidity to make sure there is no danger to our wine. Because we have a physical location, we do have to stock some of our inventory for display on shelves in our shop, where we maintain a temperature of 66 degrees. However, older and more expensive wines are displayed in eurocaves that are set to 58 degrees (or 53 degrees, in the case of white wine, including Champagne).

All the wines in our cellar, and the vast majority of our wine on display, are positioned lying down or on an angle, as some people believe that this reduces the risk of the cork drying out.
How do you ship your wine?
We use a local delivery service within New York City and nearby counties (free on orders above $150). Elsewhere, we generally ship by Fedex Ground. The options available to you and their costs will be shown to you at check-out, before you confirm your order. If you require expedited shipping and you are not in the NYC area, please select Fedex Ground and then add a note requesting over-night or two-night delivery. We will contact you about the additional cost.

You can find all our delivery policies here. If you have any special delivery requests, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.
What if it’s too warm or too cold to ship wine?
Then we will hold it for you at no cost until weather permits safe shipping (up to four months). We generally ship wine out early in the week to avoid it sitting in a Fedex warehouse over the weekend, but this will depend on the destination. We will, of course, always try our best to comply with any written instructions you give us if you require more immediate shipping, but we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to wine by adverse weather conditions and would recommend first over-night service in that case.
Where do you ship?
For legal reasons we do not arrange shipments to certain states. The list of no-ship states changes from time to time as the rules fluctuate, so it is best to contact us before placing your order if you have any concern that you may live in a no-ship state. We ship wine to all states where legally permitted and can handle international orders as well. We only ship spirits within New York State.
Can I return defective wine that I purchased from you?
Yes. If you purchase and open a bottle of wine from us and discover that it is corked, prematurely oxidized or otherwise damaged, you can return it to us for a full refund or credit. All returns must be made within 60 days of purchase and be accompanied with your receipt and the opened bottle. Our full returns policy can be found here.
Where do you source your wine?
We purchase the vast majority of our wine from authorized New York State importers and distributors. All of the importers that we work with take every measure possible to ensure that the wine remains cool at every step from the winery’s cellar to ours.

We occasionally also purchase wine from private sources, such as personal wine collections or restaurant wine cellars, either through direct purchases or at auctions, subject to any legal restrictions that may apply. We only do this if we can be sure that the wines have been properly stored. We generally taste one or two bottles of a privately purchased collection before we sell it in order to confirm good condition.

Despite these measures, as they say about older wines, “there are no good wines, just good bottles of wine”. At a certain age, no matter how good the storage, some wines simply fail to perform the way that they should. You may return any defective (e.g. corked, heat damaged) wines to us for a refund. Our returns policy can be found here.
Does this mean that you will buy my wine collection?
Quite possibly. If you have properly stored mature wine that you would like to sell, please email a list to us atinfo [at] Flatiron-Wines.com or call the shop and ask to speak to a wine specialist. If the wine meets with our needs, we will make you a competitive offer, deliver you a check and pack up and pick up the wine. Unlike auction houses, our process is hassle free, zero risk, and results in immediate payment. We are also far more likely to accept smaller collections or wines that are off the radar for most collectors.
Why should I shop at your store?
If you live in New York City, or shop for wine on the internet, we know you have lots of good options to choose from. But we don’t think there’s any other store that is quite like us, and we are confident that we are the right choice for a lot of wine lovers out there. We offer a good sized selection of singular wines, many of which you can’t buy anywhere else in New York City, or even anywhere else in the U.S.; competitive prices; four-star service from wine experts who can guide you through our selection; a great free-tasting program; tasting notes and other background information on almost every wine we carry; and newsletters with tons of information and pre-sale offerings of wines that you will rarely ever see on a retail shelf (sign up at the top of our home page).

But mostly, we are proud of the fact that every wine we stock is in some way distinctive: it reflects something special and singular about a particular place in the world, such as its traditions or terroir.
Why don’t you post scores from Wine Spectator or other publications?
In our view, a numeric score doesn’t say much about a bottle of wine. The best wines have nuances that can easily be missed when you taste 20, 30 or more wines in a row. And tasters who have just a sip or two from a bottle will have no idea how that wine evolves over the course of a meal, let alone over its life-time in someone’s cellar. In our notes we try to convey what we consider the most important information, at that point in time, about each wine. Not only do point scores tend to distract from more meaningful information, they also tend to give a false sense of confidence in absolute quality: is an 89 point Cabernet Sauvignon inherently better than a 86 point Muscadet? Doesn’t it really depend on what you’re in the mood for?

Finally, we are dubious of the process used to generate these numbers. Tasters need to go through an enormous number of samples to produce their scores. And strange things happen when you line up a bunch of wines and try to rank them against one another, whether blind or not. Experiments show, and our experience confirms, that in such an environment tasters can focus on superficial characteristics like alcohol, sweetness and oak, and easily be influenced by the temperature of the wines or the order that they are served in.

We are not, however, dogmatic about this. We recognize the importance of making qualitative assessments of wine (heck, it’s what we do every day) and we are big fans of plenty of reviewers who assign points in a way that can be somewhat meaningful. If you are curious about how certain of our wines have been reviewed in the press, please ask and we will give you whatever information we have.
What is “terroir”, and why do you care about it?
By terroir we mean the physical characteristics of the vineyard where the wine is from. Grapes are incredibly sensitive to the slightest changes in soil composition, site orientation or climactic conditions. A wall around the vineyard, or nearby rosemary bushes, can also change the way the grape grows. Well-made wine expresses these differences through flavors and aromas.

erroir is important because it ensures diversity of wines. No matter how great a painting is, it cannot be so perfect that you would never want to look at anything else. Wine is the same. Indeed, wine must be distinctive to be great. If it is like every other wine you have ever tasted, then it is boring and purposeless.

Europeans have spent thousands of years searching out the very best and most interesting terroirs. Bonne Mares in Burgundy, Rabaja in Barbaresco, or Doctor in the Mosel all produce incredible wine that cannot be replicated in vineyards even just a few hundred yards away. How amazing is that? And thankfully, great progress is being made in this regard in other parts of the world as well. We focus on terroir so that our customers can have access to all these delicious and diverse expressions.
What about “tradition”?
Some people consider local traditions to be part of a wine’s terroir, and certainly the concepts are closely related. In the same way that terroir can express itself in wine, so can tradition. The diversity of traditions across wine-making regions and countries adds to the distinctiveness that is possible in a bottle of wine. An example of this is the tradition of barrel ageing Spanish Rioja in American oak. The result is a singular flavor that is successfully imitated nowhere else in the world. It is not a reflection of the soils or micro-climate where the grapes are grown. But it is a long-standing winemaking choice around which growers and winemakers have made many other choices that clearly involve terroir: from canopy management to what varietals to blend. In that sense it is not only an important component of the wine landscape, but it is also inextricably linked to the terroir of Rioja. And leaving all the theory behind, we think it can be delicious and we want to share it with our customers..
And organic, biodynamic and natural wines?
A full discussion of this topic can be found here. But simply put: many of the world’s great terroirs and traditions involve organic, biodynamic or natural viticulture and winemaking, so the wines we love tend very often to fall into one of these categories. We believe that these methods tend to express a site’s terroir better than practices that are overly-manipulative.

But there are exceptions and caveats, and wine professionals argue endlessly about the issues this topic raises, including how to define the various categories. We don’t think we know all the answers and we try to just keep focused on wines that are great.
Do you have any case discounts?
The vast majority of our wines can be purchased with a 10% discount in a mixed or solid case (12 bottles). Some, usually rare and collectible, wines that we are offering at particularly slim margins are sold “net”, without discounting available. A net product is generally marked as such on this web site, but we do occasionally make mistakes. Note that all of our spirits are net priced.

Net products do count towards a mixed case for determining whether other wines in the case are eligible for a discount. Thus, if you bought 6 net priced bottles and 6 ordinary bottles of wine, you would have a full case and the 6 ordinary bottles would be 10% off.
Can you select a mixed case for me?
Yes. We do this for customers every day. They know that we have experienced wine specialists who taste constantly and know our stock intimately. We love to hear about your likes and dislikes and make selections that you will love and that, sometimes, may even blow your mind. And even if you are a wine expert and have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for, it doesn’t hurt to get some feedback from staff who may have a better sense of where the secret bargains are in our collection, or which of our Burgundies, say, are going through a grumpy “hands-off” phase.

Any case we put together for you will be customized to suit your precise needs, based on budget and wine preferences. Please contact us if you’d like to talk to a wine specialist.
I’m having a dinner party. Can you help me with the food and wine pairing?
Yes, we love to do this stuff! Whether you’re planning a big event or a quiet dinner at home, we love thinking about what wines (at every price) will show the dinner off to best advantage. Drop by, or shoot us an email to whet our appetite with a description of your meal and to get some suggestions.
I need to give someone a gift. Can you help me with that? Do you offer gift-wrapping, gift cards or gift certificates?
Wine is often the perfect gift. We can take what you know about your recipient and help to find the perfect bottle at your budget. We offer basic, elegant gift-wrapping for free as well as gift bags at de minimis prices. We also offer gift certificates.
Do you have a program for corporate accounts?
We offer special services and discounting for corporate accounts. Our services include providing wine to your corporate event, gifting wine to corporate clients, and organizing corporate wine tastings. More details can be found here.
I tasted a wine on vacation/at a restaurant/at a friend’s house and I loved it. Can you help me find a case of it?
We would be happy to try and track your wine down for you. Call or email us with whatever information you have and we will see if we can arrange a special order for you.
Do you have a wine club?
Not right now. If that’s something you are interested in, please let us know. If we think there’s enough interest out there, we will start one.
Why should I sign up for your newsletter? How often will you send me emails?
Our newsletter will tell you about up-coming tastings, specials and, most importantly, new products that are coming into the shop. Many of the world’s most interesting wines are snapped up the moment we put them on the shelf. We’d rather give all of our loyal customers an opportunity to indicate their interest in these products before we put them out. So a key function of our newsletter is to tell you about great wines that are coming in. Often these wines are collectibles, but not necessarily – it is quite common that we are unable to buy more than a few cases of a wine that everyone wants but that only costs $18. Signing up for our newsletter will help ensure your access to these wines. You can sign up at the top of our home page.
Do you have any DRC/Van Winkle/Scarecrow/etc.?
We have excellent relationships with many suppliers and are able to acquire numerous highly allocated wines (and bourbon). If you want to secure an allocation of any product from us, the best place to start is by signing up for our email list (at the top of our front page), as all allocations will be given out via email.