What to Drink This Weekend, San Francisco – Volume 2, Issue No. 4

Dear Friends of Flatiron, I’ve had umami on my mind lately. It started when people began asking for pairings with cracked dungeness crab, a naturally rich source of umami.  The question seemed easy to most. And, it is, if what you’re going for is a nice contrast between the savory ocean-flavored quality of the crab with the bracingly mineral and citrus notes of a vermentino or albariño. But a great symbiotic pairing, one that meets those rich, brothy flavors beat for beat, is less obvious.   Having now had a chance to reflect upon this more, if what you want is one of the best symbiotic umami pairings, you really need a wine that’s spent some time under a veil of top fermenting ... Read More »

Looking forward to the week ahead in San Francisco – December 3rd 2018

Friends of Flatiron, Happy December! The chill is on and the celebrations are well underway everywhere you look especially if you happen to be stopping by and visiting us this week! Here's what fun festivities and special newsletter deals we've got for you this week: In-Store Tastings: Tuesday 12/4, Meet the Winemaker: Sean Thackrey at 5pm: For all you natty wine lovers, this is a tasting you won't want to miss. Sean Thackrey is as OG as you can get in the natural wine movement in California. Since 1980 he has been shaping the Bay Area wine and food scene by making noninterventionist wines from tiny parcels of unique and organic grapes. He doesn't stop at vinifying without additives or ... Read More »

What to Drink This Weekend, San Francisco – Volume 2, Issue No. 3

Dear Friends of Flatiron, Every time I move I make meatballs. It’s just something I have to do. Maybe it’s an aromatherapy thing, like homey-fumigating. My Mom taught me to make them when I was kid. The changing smells while I cook remind me of the stories my Mom would tell me about how her Dad would have her try pieces of the raw meat mixture before cooking to see if it needed anything. A little gross, but I sort of get it also. But that got me thinking: what types of wines would work with such a unpretentious, yet emotionally charged type of home cooking? It needs to be something enjoyable on its own. Something affordable and not overly demanding of your attention. Something that ... Read More »

Looking forward to the week ahead in San Francisco – November 26th 2018

Friends of Flatiron, We hope all of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Hopefully you didn't indulge too much  as we have a full calendar of tastings and exciting offers in store. In-Store Tastings: Tuesday 11/27, Barolo Masterclass:  Do you want to learn about the difference between single clones of Nebbiolo or what sets the villages of Barolo apart from each other? If the answer is yes then our Barolo Masterclass is for you. We will be tasting through Barolo from a wide range of producers, villages, and crus to gain a deeper understanding of the region and will ultimately help you to choose the perfect Barolo for every occasion. This will be a sit-down, seminar-style tasting guided ... Read More »

What to Drink This Weekend, San Francisco – Volume 2, Issue No. 2

[caption id="attachment_12212" align="aligncenter" width="309"] The Bee's Knees[/caption] Dear Friends of Flatiron, Moving here has made me realize there are a few things I need to “relearn”. For one, walking home from work at the end of the day - harder than walking to work. Another is what to “seasonally drink”. I’ve taken for granted the thirsts for Barolos like Oddero the typical seasonal change of the Northeast and Midwest inspires in me. So this weekend I plan to explore my re-worked seasonally appropriate wines for this very Californian autumn I’ve been enjoying. Given that I’m less inclined to breaking out the ugly hanukkah sweater and making spiced wine than I ... Read More »

What to Drink This Weekend, San Francisco – Volume 2, Issue No. 1

Dear Friends of Flatiron, It’s my great honor to be asked to take over writing Flatiron’s most exciting weekly column “What to Drink This Weekend”. You see, my wife and I just moved here and, though I’ve worked for Flatiron Wines in NYC for years, my new San Fran community of coworkers and customers are introducing me to a ton of Bay Area delights. Just last week I was munching on salumi with a butcher friend from The Fatted Calf, learning about how they make their goods in small batches by hand while drinking a great bottle of Cab Franc from Smith Story. Everyday I seem to meet someone new or discover some amazing place that revolutionizes my preconceived notions of just how good ... Read More »

Announcing Flatiron Wine’s Education Program

Flatiron Wines & Spirits is thrilled to announce the launch of our much anticipated series of wine and spirits classes. This project marks an exciting new chapter in the shop’s evolution and we want you to be a part of it. Classes are approximately 90 minutes long, and are held at the beautiful office of a+i architecture, just around the corner from the shop. We will cover a range of topics, from Wine 101 basics to extremely specific and geeky topics. Our first class, a spotlight on Nebbiolo, sold out almost immediately. This class will be followed by a seminar on Bordeaux, led by our Bordeaux guru JR, on October 13th. JR is a passionate wine professional who has spent a great deal ... Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide to Greek Wine

At the shop, we get asked every day, “What’s new?,” “What’s cool?,”  or, “What’s tickling your palate right now?” What they all mean is, “What’s the next big thing?” If you ask me, the answer is Greece. If you care about wines of character and history, of authenticity, Greece is where you should be looking.   What you need to know about Greek wine For starters, Greece is small. Smaller than Nepal (really!). Yet, within its narrow borders, it hosts a teeming collection of grapes and terroirs. Add to that a recent revolution in quality winemaking and you have a perfect storm for exciting wine. Each of these factors is important. So, let’s go through ... Read More »

On the cutting edge of something big: Jochen Beurer is Making Zweigelt Obscure Again

People ask us all the time: What is wine's next frontier? They remember when the Jura exploded on the scene. They watched prices of Northern Rhônes soar. What is next? We don't really know, of course. But there are a definitely a few categories that we're keeping a close eye on. Greece is one. Another is what we're calling "Teutonic Obscurities": wines from Austria and Germany made from their many overlooked grape varieties. Most of these non-famous grapes (basically, we're talking about wines that aren't made from the usual suspects like Riesling, Grüner, Spätburgunder, and Blaufränkisch) were for many years produced cheaply and industrially and entirely for local consumption. But ... Read More »

Pinot Noir from Tasmania? The delicious, different and delightful Holm Oak

There's a worldwide hunt for great Pinot Noir. Oregon and California are well-known sources of Pinots that put their very own spin on Burgundy's grape—especially the regions with temperatures cool enough to coax Pinot's complex aromatics and the bright notes that complement its pretty fruit flavors. And many of you have discovered Germany's exploding Pinot scene with us, where global warming has been making what used to be a too-marginal region much more Pinot-friendly. We tend to think that the Southern Hemisphere is…  just too warm. But if you go far enough south, of course, it gets cool. And eventually you find temperatures cool enough for Pinot to work its magic. In Tasmania ... Read More »