What to drink this weekend in San Francisco- Volume 2, Issue No. 9

  If there’s one thing I’ve discovered San Francisco and New York have in common it is definitely the enjoyment of brunch. During my 9 years living in NYC, brunch took on an almost religious routine in my life: the weary and ravenous gathering together for a hodgepodge of sustenance and the hair-of-the-dog. Brunch in San Francisco is equally regular and revered albeit a shade or two more healthful.  Personally, I love the brunches at Nopa and Foreign Cinema and am always impressed with the balance on the menus of sinful and more saintly options. However, what’s a new experience for me, is that it’s an event hosted at home. Eating in an apartment in New York is a bit too close ... Read More »

The New York Times’ Best Wines Under $20

The New York Times' Best Wines Under $20 From the beginning, our philosophy has been simple: buy wines made by small producers, families and artisans that honestly reflect the world’s great terroirs and traditions. The New York Times' latest list of the 20 best wines under $20 has just been released, and we couldn't be more pleased to see which bottles made the cut. The theme of this list aligns decisively with the type of wine we love to drink and sell—those bottles that speak of where they come from and the individuals who crafted them. When a vigneron spends each day amongst the vines or in the cellar, he or she has no choice but to focus on the quality of the wine. Even with ... Read More »

2017 Burgundy Vintage: A Follow-Up

Now that I’ve actually tasted some 2017s from Burgundy; it’s time to follow up my earlier post on the 2017s with some actual impressions, based on tasting. This blog follows a single event: the barrel tasting of Burgundies imported by Frederick Wildman for the trade, held February of every year. I tasted a lot of wines at the event and I also talked extensively with producers and other tasters. Here were my five main take-aways: 1.  2017 is a really good vintage, perhaps just short of being one of the legends like 2005 or 2010.  The 2017s I tasted were delicious. They were balanced and fully ripe. They were transparent, accurately reflecting their respective terroirs. I really, ... Read More »

School is in Session: Nebbiolo from Valtellina

A beautiful aspect of the study of wine is exploring the expression of one grape in multiple landscapes—the idea of terroir. In his latest Wine School, Eric Asimov returns to the world of classically styled wines, introducing us to the wines of Valtellina, made with the Nebbiolo grape. While most of us are probably familiar with Barolo, Barbaresco or Langhe Nebbiolo, Valtellina wines offer an altogether entirely different experience. We've been guilty of proliferating the idea that Nebbiolo will fail to thrive if planted outside of its home base of Piedmont—of course, we're thinking only of the occasional attempt out of California to create New World Barolo or Barbaresco, not the elegant ... Read More »

Looking forward to the week ahead in San Francisco- February 11th, 2019

Friends of Flatiron, Happy Valentines day! Some people aren't the biggest fans of this holiday, but at Flatiron we embrace any celebration of love. And of course, our #1 love is delicious wine! Come taste some wine and take a look at our newsletter and fall in love yourself. Whether you're paired up or enjoying the single life there are ample reasons to raise a glass. In-Store Tastings: Wednesday 2/13, Meet the Winemaker: Kyle Jeffrey from Minus Tide: Founded by Kyle Jeffrey, Brad Jonas, and Miriam Pitt, Minus Tide is focused on making cool-climate, balanced wines that showcase the distinct, coastal, and rustic vineyards of Mendocino, California. Come taste the flavor of the far north and ... Read More »

Looking forward to the week ahead in San Francisco- February 4th, 2019

Friends of Flatiron, Valentines Day is just over a week away and you know what that means: time to pop a cork and drink a glass! Stay ahead of the curve and stop in for an impromptu date at one of our tastings and snag a bottle or three from our newsletter for that special dinner you're planning. In-Store Tastings: Wednesday 2/6, Tasting of Cavas from Raventos i Blanc at 5pm: When you're not drinking Champagne you should be drinking Cava. And if you're drinking Cava then you should be drinking Raventos I Blanc. The Raventos family was the family that first invented Cava and today makes arguably the best sparkling wines in the entire Iberian Peninsula. Join us for a tasting of their ... Read More »

What to drink this weekend in San Francisco- Volume 2, Issue No. 8

The magic of wild foraged mushrooms is a delight I have normally reserved for mid-autumn or early spring cooking. So imagine my surprise when I saw pile upon pile of freshly picked fungi at the local farmers market. While the rest of our country freezes, Northern California is blessed with these lovely on-again-off-again rains which also happen to be perfect mushroom weather! Going into another weekend soaked by the aforementioned atmospheric conditions I figured why not celebrate the gloom and cook up some tasty shrooms. To love a mushroom is to love wine and vice versa for me. After all, the two are inextricably linked. Yeast is a form of fungi and wine is a product of its life cycle. ... Read More »

Burgundy Quality Levels: A Guided Tasting, at Home

Back in November, as a part of Flatiron Wines’ educational series, I hosted a class entitled ‘Burgundy:  On The Level’. In it we discussed the levels of complexity and detail to Burgundy and its Crus. To help illustrate the how’s and why’s and the lay of the land, we first discussed a brief history of Burgundy’s Côte d’Or (Golden Slope), comprised by Côte de Nuits to the north and Côte de Beaune to the south, along one long hill. This all boils down to Burgundy and its classifications. This is one of the most important considerations when understanding the region. Many of the finest vineyards of Burgundy were mapped out hundreds of years ago, by the abbots and monks ... Read More »

To Burgundy and Back Again: 2018 Hospices de Beaune

Last year, on the third Sunday of November, the 158th annual wine auction was held at the Hospices de Beaune. People from all over the world meet in the historic walled city of Beaune, the "wine capital of Burgundy." It is a treasure trove of medieval and renaissance architecture. There are still ramparts and a moat and battlements, fortresses and castles of the Dukes of Burgundy and the royal fortress of the Chateau de Beaune built in the 15th century for King Louis XI. In the center of this bustling metropolis of 20,000 people is the Hospices de Beaune, a flamboyant masterpiece of Gothic architecture capped with a glorious roof of polychromed tile. This is a free hospital for the citizens ... Read More »

Looking forward to the week ahead in San Francisco- January 28th, 2019

Friends of Flatiron, While the rest of the country freezes we've got some rainy whether to contend with. Dry off and toast to friends and loved ones that are living a sub-zero life with us this week and check out our tastings and newsletter offers. No doubt everyone will be feeling sunnier with something special in their glass. In-Store Tastings: Wednesday 1/30, Tasting with Henry Wine Group at 5pm: Henry Wine Group brings us a whole host of outstanding wines that we've been proud to carry for years. Join us for a Cal/Ital mashup tasting with wines from Terredora Dipaolo, Thomas Fogarty, Cantele and Titus. $5/tasting  Thursday 1/31, Meet the Winemaker: Matthew Rorick from Forlorn Hope 5pm: ... Read More »