Terroir will conquer all: the brilliant Coulee de Serrant

Terroir has a way of re-asserting itself over time. You see this in the life-time of a bottle of wine. Wine-makers make mistakes. Say they submit Grand Cru Burgundy to too much new oak, and all you can taste when you drink the wine is vanilla and smoke. Open the same bottle 15 years later and something special has happened: the wine now tastes of Grand Cru Burgundy, and not the wine-making process. The French believe that, given enough time, terroir will conquer all, whether it's poor wine-making or unusual vintage conditions. I'm now wondering if you see this over the life-time of a winery as well. Let's talk about Nicolas Joly and Coulee de Serrant. In the case of Coulee de Serrant, ... Read More »