Castello di Rubbia

Here's what's simple about the wines of Castello di Rubbias from Friuli: they're delicious and perfect for summer, whether you want a medium-bodied white wine with floral and mineral notes, a meaty red wine to go with BBQ, or an exquisite orange wine to blow everybody's minds. But that's about all that's simple about them. The wines come from Carso, an Italian (and Slovenian... more on that later) region with a slew of grapes, both local and French. The climate is influenced by both the Alps and the Mediterranean, with a strong north wind in the mix as well. And the rocks! The region gives its name to the strange geology found here, characterized by very thin, red, iron-rich soil over a limestone ... Read More »

Cardedu: New Wines from a Sardinian Traditionalist

Like Corsica, its neighbor to the north, Sardinia has what it takes for great wine: sunshine, moderating Mediterranean influence, interesting soils and microclimates. So why aren't we all chasing the latest cult Cannonaus? We don't know for sure, but we were very excited to taste the new releases from the third-generation Loi family at Cardedu. The property was started by Alberto Loi in the late '40s, and the family continue to work their vineyards in Ogliastra—a central-eastern region on the island easily regarded as the best terroir for Cannonau wine. The soil is composed of granitic crumbling making a silty-sandy, mineral-rich bed for the vines to flourish in. The sunny weather, breezy ... Read More »

Divine (not-quite) Prosecco: Bisson Glera

  This is Prosecco in all but name.  In 2010 they changed from cork to crown cap closure.  This speaks to the wines accessibility and youthful freshness but also disqualifies it from being DOC Prosecco.  It clocks in at a low 11% abv keeping it extremely refreshing and lively.   The vineyards are in the Treviso area of Veneto.  It is produced bone-dry making it an exceptionally lean and minerally-driven sparkler when compared to its Prosecco peers.  Bottling early helps harness florality and freshness.   The bubbles are incredibly fine and dispersed.  Bright Meyer lemon, crushed tarragon, saline, riverbed stones, arugula pepperiness.  A pristine quaffer, this wine ... Read More »