Eric Asimov’s Wine School: Get Aligoté for Your Next Lesson

Eric Asimov’s latest New York Times Wine School is up, and we’re studying Aligoté this time. And once again, you can find that wine here!

Aligoté is a longtime favorite variety at Flatiron Wines. Over the years, we’ve featured examples from many of our favorite producers, who also happen to be among Eric’s faves. But, as usual, we never get very much of them, so what we have we always offer to our loyal Weekly Newsletter Subscribers first — and with great discounts, too.

The email for this month’s Wine School lesson went out earlier this week. You can see it here now, NY Times Wine School: Aligoté, and be sure to click through to see what wines are left.  There has been a great amount of interest, as usual, but don’t panic if we’re sold out of something (or everything!). Because, as they say, the best is yet to come!

Next month we expect to have enough of the de Villaine Bouzeron to offer to our email subscribers separately. We tasted the wine last week, and it is absurdly delicious. I’ll be drinking a bunch, and laying some down for a while, too.  So if you missed out this time and you’d like to hear as soon as it’s available, be sure to sign up!

Without further delay, here are the wines for your next lesson on Aligoté, all available at 10% off on any three bottles from the list (mix and match or solid).

Browse the full selection of wines now, by clicking here, or learn more about each below before purchasing.

Domaine Michel Lafarge, Bourgogne Aligote “Raisins Dores”, 2015 $26.99
From 70-year-old Aligoté vines in Meursault, this is one of Burgundy’s greatest values in high quality white wine. Beautiful every vintage, but especially wonderful in 2015. We’ve had in-store tastings of this wine in the past (including poured by the Lafarges themselves!) which you were hopefully able to attend.

Sylvain Pataille, Bourgogne Aligoté, 2016 $29.99
“If you can find Sylvain Pataille, snap it up,” says Asimov. Here it is–go for it! And if you want hear much more directly from Sylvain Pataille, take a listen to the I’ll Drink to That podcast on Aligoté. It’s a great deep dive on the variety in general!

Domaine Leroy, Bourgogne Aligote, 2011 $89.99
Lalou Bize-Leroy may be the greatest winemaker in Burgundy. She is certainly certainly the greatest female octogenarian winemaker of culty $1,000 Burgundies. Imagine having risen to that level in the wine trade as a woman born in the 1930s. And then imagine still making Aligoté in 2018. I can’t believe I get to drink this wine.

Remi Jeanniard, Bourgogne Aligote Vielles Vignes, 2016 $17.99 
Great, small, natural producer. Eric didn’t mention him, but at the price it’s a no-brainer, anyway. More 60-70 year old vines, but this time, from vineyards within Morey-Saint-Denis.

Domaine Henri Prudhon, Bourgogne Aligote, 2015 $19.99
Classic producer Neal Rosenthal brings to us. Delicious and precise and *not aligoté doré, so perfect as a point of comparison with, say the Lafarge.


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