Extraordinary Value from Classic Terroir: Pepiere’s Muscadet Les Gras Moutons


I wasn’t lying about how great the Milon Cuvee Caprice ’16 was the other day. It’s a hell of a wine for $19.99.

Hey, but so is this Pepiere.

Gras Moutons is one of Pepiere’s more serious cuvées. There are a few from this domaine, arguably Muscadet’s finest. 2016 is a very good, classical (ie not too ripe) vintage.

This is really clean, like “spring water” clean. Iodine, stones and salt are present. Faintly creamy. There is really good “detailing” in the taste(s).

You can find all kinds of pale notes in this wine. Fun stuff.

There is some fruit flavor, too: nearly-ripe peach, citrus that is like lemon bordering on mandarin orange. But really, this is not a fruity wine.

Mostly it’s just super-refreshing, clean, and elegant. That textural finesse sets Gras Moutons apart from other, cheaper Muscadets. It’s like water with lemon, but silkier, and more complex, and also: it’s 12% abv.

Compare this to Clos des Briords, another Pepiere cuvée, and this is the more delicate, understated wine. Briords is richer, more layered and subtly tropical. The Clos des Briords is planted in classic, granitic soils, but this Gras Moutons grows in a hillside vineyard with gneiss subsoils that fracture easily, allowing the roots to go deep.

They are both really good. Pepiere is what’s up.

Drink with all the confidence in the world! This is a really really good wine for less than 20 bucks and guess what: it ages, too.

Domaine de la Pepiere, Les Gras Moutons, 2016 – $19.99

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