Fenouillet Rosé

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you may recall a story we ran last year in our newsletter about “The Once a Year Marvel that is Rosenthal’s Very Best Value.” It was Fenouillet’s red wine, an oddball blend of Merlot and Marcellan that’s priced like a mass-market grocery store wine but made with love by a small family domaine.

Right now we have a slightly different version of this marvel: Fenouillet’s rosé.

We tend to think of rosé as falling into one of two categories. There are the vins de soif (wines for thirst), light-colored rosés you drink as an aperitif on your rooftop, and vins gastronomiques, slightly darker rosés that pair well with food.

The Fenouillet is somewhere in between, which gives it chameleon-like powers. It’s so delightfully inexpensive that it would be a shame if you couldn’t guzzle it whenever you’re in the mood, on a rooftop or elsewhere. And you can! It’s fresh and has an easy charm and it will make your afternoon better.

But let’s say you’re drinking a bottle while preparing a seasonal Green Market meal, it would be a shame if you couldn’t keep drinking the rosé right through dinner. Here you can! It’s perfect with summer dishes from ratatouille to chicken salad to grilled swordfish.

Fenouillet, VdP Rosé, 2016 – Fenouillet uses a more traditionally Provençal blend for this wine than their red: 50% Cinsault, 40% Grenache, and 10% Syrah.

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