Free Bourbon, Gin and Reisetbauer Tasting

Beautiful stills, beautiful spirits
Beautiful stills, beautiful spirits

Michael Skurnik is famous for importing many of the world’s greatest wines. But they also carry spirits–and their selection is every bit as great as you’d expect.

Join us Thursday, November 16 from 5-7pm, when Ginger pours 3 gems from Skurnik’s portfolio:

Medley Bros., Bourbon, $24.99
Classic Bourbon at a great price. Have a taste neat.

Neversink Spirits Gin, $44.99
From a base of New York State apples, corn, wheat and barley, this local gin is distilled through a blend of 11 botanicals to create a well balanced, floral and aromatic spirit.  The botanicals are chosen to pair with apples, including three types of fresh citrus, star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, elderflower, and, of course, juniper.
It’s a delicious, full-flavored gin that is great to sip on with an ice cube or in your favorite gin cocktail.

Reisetbauer, “Sloeberry,’ Sloe Gin
Reisetbauer is a legend of liquors, and the Sloe Gin is testament to the magic. A light and dry style of sloe gin with much less sugar than its counterparts, it combines Reisetbauer’s earthy and clean Blue Gin with the tangy, bright and 100% organic Hungarian Sloe Berries. It is a delightful aperitif any time of year and especially wonderful for Thanksgiving cocktails.


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