Grower Champagne 101: Class is in Session!

Champagne is rediscovering itself through the eyes of the farmer, but what does that mean?

Traditionally, small farmers didn’t make their own wine. Instead, these grapes were sold to  houses, who would blend grapes from across the region to create a “house style”. Very often many excellent wines were made, but very few had any traditional sense of terroir.

With help from passionate Importers, and a cultural shift towards authentic experiences, the region has been transformed. Now, thousands of growers keep grapes for themselves and make their own unique expressions of terroir. Because holdings are often tiny it is now possible to experience site specific wines, of extraordinary clarity.

Make this discovery for yourself on Saturday, December 1, as Mike Carleton, co-owner of Transatlantic Bubbles leads a class featuring some of his favorite producers from the Grower Champagne movement.

In this spotlight on terroir, Mike will highlight the differences between growersand houses by examining the sub-regions where their grapes are grown.Popping open some truly great bottles, Mike will take us beneath the surface of Champagne’s bubbly façadeshowcasing the terroir below.

Flatiron Wines Presents

Grower Champagne 101
Take a virtual walk through the vineyards of Champagne through the bubbles in your glass.

Time: Saturday, December 1st @ 6pm
Location: A+I Architecture – 16 W 22nd St. 
Instructor: Mike Carleton, co-owner, Transatlantic Bubbles
Cost: $120 per person
Bonus: All featured wines are 15% off for attendees!

The Aube, Cote de Blancs, Montagne de Reims, and Valley Marne are all sub appellations of Champagne, distinctly different in their exposures, soils, and microclimates. They each show characteristics which can be found in the wines made there. Individual producers in each of these villages express themselves differently through their wines, but usually the wines remain faithful to their terroir.

Featured Wines:
Robert Barbichon, Champagne Blanc de Noir, NV
Corbon, Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru “Avize”, 1996
Marguet, Champagne Bouzy, 2013
Alexandre Filaine, Champagne Brut “Speciale Damery”, NV

Plus … a secret special bonus wine!


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