Looking forward to the week ahead in San Francisco- February 18th, 2019

Friends of Flatiron,

Finally! The rains have departed, at least temporarily. If you’ve been shut in the past few weeks get out of the house and join us for a exciting week of tastings. We also have some great offers lined up for our newsletter you won’t want to miss.

In-Store Tastings:

Wednesday 2/20, Tasting of Italian wines with Girasole Imports at 5pm:  Girasole Imports represents a portfolio of truly authentic Italian wines chosen over years of forming personal relationships with the winemakers. Hunters of small, family run producers will have much to enjoy at this tasting. $5/tasting 

Friday 2/22, Tasting of Marcarini Barolos at 5pm: Today as in the past, the Marcarini family, now six generations strong, manages their own vineyards with passion. They produce wine according to the most rigorous standards in Piedmont and, in particular, Langhe traditions. Come taste a selection of their most recent releases.

Friday 2/22 Bollinger Champagne Tasting at 5pm: The Bollinger champagne House has created prestigious champagnes with character, distinguished by their elegance and complexity since 1829. Indeed, this famed house is loved the world over by sommeliers and collectors. Do not miss this opportunity to taste the one of the true icons of Champagne.

Both these tastings are $10/tasting individually or $15 for both

In our weekly newsletter we’re excited to be offering the 2016 Fleurie from Domaine de Fa, the Graillot family’s Beaujolais project, as well as a selection of wines from the quirky natural local producer Old World Winery. If that doesn’t get your glasses swirling we’ve also got the 2016 Balthazar Cornas as well as their 2017 Cotes du Rhone.


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