Looking forward to the week ahead in San Francisco- February 26th, 2019

Friends of Flatiron,

We’ve got another week chock full of awesome tastings and exciting offers. Here’s what we’ve got planned.

In-Store Tastings:

Tuesday 2/26, Tasting of Hungarian Wines from Grandes Places Selections at 5pm:  GPS is one of our favorite importers. We’re thrilled that they have expanded their portfolio to include wines from Hungary. Join us for a tasting of Lenkey Pinceszet Mad Human Furmint 2011, Gal Tibor Egri Bikaver 2016 and the 2017 Duzsi Tamas Kekfrankos Rose. $5/tasting 

Wednesday 2/27, Meet the Winemaker: Onward Wines with Faith Armstrong Foster at 5pm: As a young girl growing up in a small island village in British Colombia Faith Armstrong Foster got to school everyday on a boat named Onward. Little did she know at the time that those boat trips would inspire her passion and commitment to small heirloom vineyards in California. Her single vineyard bottlings celebrate the uniqueness and heritage of overlooked sites. Join us for a tasting a selection of wines from her Onward label as well as her exciting blends from her Armstrong brand. $5/tasting

Thursday 2/28 Meet the Winemaker: Bannister Wines with Brook Bannister at 5pm: A small family owned winery in Sonoma County, Bannister Wines was started in 1989 with the aim to produce honest and delicious Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel. Brook collaborates with his mother Marty, on the winemaking and they have been making single vineyard, hand crafted wines for 2 decades, working with the top growers of Pinot since the 1980s. We are delighted to have Brook at the shop Thursday showcasing a full lineup of their wines, please swing by! $5/tasting

Friday 3/1 Tasting of Pecchenino Wines at 5pm: The Pecchenino wine estate dates back to the end of the 1700’s and has always been a family-run operation, with the holding handed down from father to son for generations. Though they make truly exceptional Barolos, their Dolcetto is what they are known for. Join us for a tasting of their wines and find yourself whisked away to the hillsides of Piedmont. $5/tasting

In our weekly newsletter we’re excited to be offering the tasty 2017 Sancerres from Thomas Labaille, 2013 Marcarini Barolo Brunate and La Serra and the exciting Limerick Lane Zinfandels from 2016.


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