Looking forward to the week ahead in San Francisco- January 28th, 2019

Friends of Flatiron,

While the rest of the country freezes we’ve got some rainy whether to contend with. Dry off and toast to friends and loved ones that are living a sub-zero life with us this week and check out our tastings and newsletter offers. No doubt everyone will be feeling sunnier with something special in their glass.

In-Store Tastings:

Wednesday 1/30, Tasting with Henry Wine Group at 5pm: Henry Wine Group brings us a whole host of outstanding wines that we’ve been proud to carry for years. Join us for a Cal/Ital mashup tasting with wines from Terredora Dipaolo, Thomas Fogarty, Cantele and Titus. $5/tasting 

Thursday 1/31, Meet the Winemaker: Matthew Rorick from Forlorn Hope 5pm: Fans of contrarian Californian wines will rejoice in tasting any one of Matthew Rorick’s Rare Creatures. That’s what they call their wines at Forlorn Hope and they are rare creatures indeed! Rorick uses obscure grape varieties and a full spectrum of noninterventionist techniques to create his unique wines. Come join us for a tasting of a selection of his fabled ferments. $5/tasting

In our weekly newsletter we’ve got the 2017 releases from Daniel Bouland, a master of Gamay in Morgon, the Cote-de-Brouilly and Chiroubles, unparalleled cognacs from single-estate producer Fanny Fougerat, the 2015 Rosso from timeless Alto Piemonte producer ARPEPE and, something truly special, a selection of wines from Loire cult favorite Domaine Guiberteau. These are truly special offerings that no one should miss out on.


Your Friends at Flatiron Wines SF

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