Pinot Noir from Tasmania? The delicious, different and delightful Holm Oak


There’s a worldwide hunt for great Pinot Noir. Oregon and California are well-known sources of Pinots that put their very own spin on Burgundy’s grape—especially the regions with temperatures cool enough to coax Pinot’s complex aromatics and the bright notes that complement its pretty fruit flavors.

And many of you have discovered Germany’s exploding Pinot scene with us, where global warming has been making what used to be a too-marginal region much more Pinot-friendly.

We tend to think that the Southern Hemisphere is…  just too warm. But if you go far enough south, of course, it gets cool. And eventually you find temperatures cool enough for Pinot to work its magic. In Tasmania they figured this out in the early 1980s and started planting vines. Now those vines—the oldest on the island, and a respectable 35 years old—are producing some very lovely Pinot Noir.

For many years, actually, Tasmania was just too cool; ripeness was the real issue. So they followed the Champenois and added bubbles. If you’ve enjoyed a glass of Sparkling Shiraz, there’s a good chance it was from Tasmania.

But Holm Oak has 35-year-old vines in a warmer part of the island called the Tamar Valley that these days make Pinot Noir so delicious that it’s frankly shocking. Fact: there are some pretty hard-core Burgundy fans among us here at Flatiron. And yet we suddenly found ourselves bringing home a “Tassie Wine” (as apparently it’s called).


This is something you should try. We’ve discounted it deeply and on just on one bottle so everyone can feel comfortable having a taste.  Just use the discount code TASSIE at checkout.  Good while supplies last.

Holm Oak, Tasmania Pinot Noir, 2016 – $29.99 $25.99

Harvested early, this is light and smooth with silky fruit and a touch of forest and spice on the finish.  Finally Tasmania is sending us some of their best Pinot and not hoarding it for themselves!


We don’t know if Tassie Wine is going to become a thing, but we do know that this is a delicious—and different—bottle of Pinot Noir:


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