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Temporary Wine Storage

Any wine purchased from us can be temporarily held in a temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse pending shipment. Storage will be free until the first available shipping window based on weather conditions. Storage after that will be subject to a $10/case/month charge, with a minimum two month charge. All orders under a case will be charged the one-case fee, and no partial orders can be pulled from storage.

If you are an international customer who would like us to hold wine pending your next visit to NYC or San Francisco (or have any other special request) please call us (212) 477-1315 (New York) or (415) 780-1405 (San Francisco) and we will do our best to accommodate.

Abandoned Orders

If you do not respond to shipping notifications and/or fail to take delivery of your wine during the first safe and appropriate shipping season, we reserve the right to charge storage fees, as per above. After the second shipping season that your wine is in storage, or one year from the arrival of the wine (whichever comes first), and after at least one phone call, you will be given a final email notice. You will have 15 days from the date of this final notice to contact us with a shipping or delivery date. If you have not contacted us within 15 days of this notice, all ordered wines will be returned to our inventory and you will be charged a 50% restocking fee, as well as any outstanding monthly storage fees from the credited balance. The remaining sum will be issued to you as a store credit valid to be used for any purchase up to six months beyond the final notice. If you have still not contacted us after those six-months the store credit will be cancelled.