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07.25.2014 | Faury VV, Graillot and what I didn't get about the New Yorker's Blind tasting piece

Maria Konnikova has a great New Yorker article about blind tasting.  But there's a mystery at the heart of her story that I'm waiting for someone to explain to me. Konnikova goes to an experimental blind tasting organized by Daniel Salzman, a Columbia ...
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07.19.2014 | Edges of Burgundy: Saint-Aubin

Today we start exploring the Edges of Burgundy with Saint-Aubin.  This is a series that focuses on villages of Burgundy that are less heralded despite producing world class and ageworthy Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. You can read the introductory blog post here.   Saint-Aubin ...
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07.12.2014 | Edges of Burgundy, Part 1

Your guide to Burgundy's Unknown Gems: Great wines and rare values Is Burgundy going the way of Bordeaux?  Prices certainly are going up every year.  The top producers’ wines are now out of reach for the vast majority of us.  In famous villages ...
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07.02.2014 | Have You Heard? La Fête du Champagne!

For food & wine lovers it seems there’s always a cause for celebration.  In recent years we’ve seen a swell in the number of delightful specialty festivals – barbecue block parties, Summers of Riesling, Meatopias, Rieslingfeier, Sherryfest ...
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07.02.2014 | Top 10 Wines for Summer that aren't Rosé or Prosecco

No, I don't just drink Rose and G&Ts all summer long. I simply can't survive three months of the year without some more serious flavors. Here's what I do: 1. Riesling. This one's a no-brainer. Celebrate the last Summer of Riesling by drinking my ...
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Eric's Picks for New York Times' Wine School: Zinfandel

Dashe, Dry Creek Zinfandel, 2011 375ml

The Dry Creek has become the signature wine for these Zinfandel specialists. Dry Creek is known for producing intense Zin; Anne and Michael know how to tame it into a fine, balanced wine.

Orange Label


Ridge, Lytton Springs, 2011

One of the top vineyard bottlings for this famous estates line of Zinfandel. Robust, spicy and elegantly balanced.

Orange Label