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On the Shelf: Chateau de Chaintres's Stunning Bistro Wine!

What is a ‘bistro’ wine? This is easy enough to picture. Close your eyes and leave your crowded apartment behind you. Imagine you're on a gorgeous, relaxing vacation in Paris. You've decided to venture out to a neighborhood bistro where you can spend a long afternoon eating yummy food, people watching, and drinking a food-friendly, deliciously quaffable wine. 

In other words, Bistro wines are an easy, accessible escape. 

Okay, open your eyes. We know that, at home--whether on the east coast or west--we're about as far from an afternoon at a French Bistro as we've ever been. But, maybe if we sub burger and fries for steak frites, the wine will get us the rest of the way there.

What we really need these days is a glass of something that will be delicious with a meal and that will be just as delicious if we decide to have a second glass after dinner and maybe even a third glass after that. 

If that sounds good to you, check out the 2019 Saumur-Champigny Rouge “Les Sables,” from Château de Chaintres. It’s quintessential bistro red, and it’s gorgeous. We have it in both stores, so just click on the store you prefer and you'll be directed right to this quaffer. 

NYC: Château de Chaintres, Saumur-Champigny Rouge “Les Sables”, 2019

SF:  Château de Chaintres, Saumur-Champigny Rouge “Les Sables”, 2019

Cabernet Franc can be so many things – here it’s bright, juicy, and floral (violets), with only a twinge of structure at the end. No noticeable green pepper pyrazines – it’s almost like a Cru Beaujolais from the Loire.