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FAQs: Why Flatiron? Discounts, Selection, Cold Storage and more

"Institutions like Flatiron Wines & Spirits... are great for expert and novice alike, and they serve a nationwide clientele"
-- Eric Asimov 
"How to pick a wines store," New York Times  

Why shop Flatiron? 

Great Prices We offer a 10% case discount on top of our every great every-day prices (you can mix and match bottles but there are some exceptions). And we have special offers on our blogs from time to time, too. But insiders know to sign up for our weekly Newsletter and other Special Offers. Not only do we give our readers first crack at sought-after wines, we offer them at Newsletter-only discounts (often the cheapest price in the country), all while sharing the stories behind some of tastiest and most fascinating wines in the country.

Selection We get the wines and spirits you want. We're curated like a great boutique, but with breadth like a big box store. We're serious about finding delicious, artisanally-made wines and liquors at prices up and down the spectrum--from party wines to collectibles.

Don't take our word for: it was in the New York Times article, "Why can't you find that wine"! Eric Asimov wrote that we have many hard-to-find wines because importers "may sell wines in great New York City Shops like... Flatiron Wines & Spirits" but not elsewhere.

Cold Storage. We have refrigerated storage, eurocaves, styrofoam shippers and an attitude that's deeply respectful of the effort that winemakers have put into making the wine in the bottle. We would never want to mess it up by exposing the wine to heat, in our possession or in transit to you. 

Where can I shop with you? 

We have two physical shops, in New York City and in San Francisco.

Each physical shop has its own online store. So if you want to buy wine from the California store, make sure you're shopping at sf.flatiron-wines.com (and vice versa). If you're in ny.flatiron-wines.com instead, you can switch stores at the top right of your screen. 

Can you ship wine and liquor? 

Of course!

While we can only ship liquor in-state (the New York store, inside New York; the San Francisco store, inside CA) each shop can ship your wine to many other states. See full details on shipping from Flatiron's New York store, or from Flatiron's San Francisco store.

Is shipping cheap? 

It's often free! 

  • Orders from the New York City shop over $129 are free in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Washington D.C.
  • Orders over $129 from the San Francisco Shop are free in California

If you need your wine shipped elsewhere, or you don't meet the $129 threshold, we have a very simple shipping rate of $2.99/bottle with a $10 minimum.

We stand behind our wines

Shop at Flatiron with confidence. It's not just that you know you're going to get high quality wine at all price points, made by true artisans. Or that you will always be paying fair prices. It's that when you buy from Flatiron Wines & Spirits you know that we stand behind the bottles:

  • You can generally return corked, prematurely oxidized or poorly stored wines to us for a full refund or exchange. Read the details of our return policy here.

  • We acquire our older and rare wines only from very reputable sources, where we are confident that the provenance is good and the wine has been stored properly. All wines imported from Europe are shipped on refrigerated boats.

  • Our wines are stored in temperature controlled facilities and can be shipped to you in foam containers to protect the wine (short-haul deliveries may be shipped in cardboard when conditions are moderate). If weather does not permit safe shipping, we will hold your wine free of cost in our temperature controlled facilities until the the temperature moderates. 

Cutting Edge Technology

Our website is now built on Shopify, one of the world's leading ecommerce platform. After looking into it, we believe Shopify has the resources and incentives to stay ahead of the curve on cybersecurity and we are thrilled to be able to entrust our site's security to their crack teams.

We accept payments on this website through Shopify Payments. We believe Shopify Payments offers our customers many advantages, including:

  • You can store card information with Shopify Payments, which means you control your credit card data, not us. We can't update, edit or even see, any of your credit card information.
  • One Click! Once you've saved your credit card with Shopify Payments, you can purchase from our website, and often from our emails, with a single click.

We will continue to offer you other payment options, including Paypal, Apple Pay and more. And at your request we will leave your credit card on file with Cayan/TSYS, so that we can ring your credit card to pay for transactions over the phone.

We also regularly work with app developers and other technology companies to try and find new and innovative ways to bring you wine, spirits and learning on food and wine.