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Our Story

Flatiron Wines is a different kind of wine and spirits shop.

We love wine and spirits, and we love sharing them. In fact, we love sharing them so much, we became bi-coastal!

With shops in New York City and San Francisco, we work hard (from sea to sea) to bring you the widest possible selection of artisanally-produced wines and small-batch spirits anywhere, at fair prices and with great service.

Why We Love Wine and Spirits

Wines and spirits can be more than just beverages. They can be part of a beautiful process of discovery: discovery of cultures, foreign and local; discovery of the people, the artisans and laborers, who make the drinks happen; discovery of the natural mechanisms that make these products what they are, the geology and botany and chemistry and who knows what else that underlie the magic of a beautiful glass of wine. 

So, we also work tirelessly to share our discoveries: on our [blogs], in our [social media] and, most of all, in our Newsletter, which New York Magazine called "Indispensable." You can sign up at the bottom of this page or by clicking HERE.

Best of all, we get the chance, quite literally, to share our favorite wines an spirits with you at  events we organize: wine tastings in NY and in San Francisco, wine dinners, Direct Import New Vintage previews, and various  meet-the-winemaker events.

Our History

We've been doing this at our New York City store since 2012, and in San Francisco since 2016.

Most of us got into the wine world in small Brooklyn boutiques, back before they'd popped up on every block in the Borough. We loved the personal and friendly service the best boutiques and neighborhood shops can deliver. But we also appreciated the great pricing and broad selection of the best large stores.

So now we try to offer the best of both worlds: a large selection at fair prices, with warm and welcoming service. We do all this with a focus on the small artisanal producers who can be pretty hard to find no matter where you do your shopping.

We believe that shopping with us on-line is the best way to buy wine in the United States today (except, maybe, for shopping with us in person!).