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Wine Wanderings:  Loire Valley Day 3

Wine Wanderings: Loire Valley Day 3

Day 3 would turn out to be our longest day, and the five hours of sleep after numerous bottles of wine was not ideal preparation.  Still, we managed to pile into the car early enough to arrive in Vouvray only 20 minutes late for our appointment at Domaine Huet.
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Wine Wanderings:  Loire Valley Day 2 (Continued)

Wine Wanderings: Loire Valley Day 2 (Continued)

We drove straight from Marc Deschamp’s domaine in Pouilly-sur-Loire to Domaine Thomas Labaille in Chavignol.  Chavignol is in the Sancerre appellation, on a hill across the valley to the west of the actual town of Sancerre.  The narrow country road connecting the two villages is extraordinarily beautiful, passing through hilly vineyards with great views of medieval Sancerre up on the hill.  The Labaille winery is right on this road, just before entering the village.
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Wine Wanderings:  Loire Valley Day 1

Wine Wanderings: Loire Valley Day 1

(Josh and Jeff spent a few days in the Loire Valley checking out wine this September.  This is the first of a series of posts telling the story.)

The drive from Charles de Gualle to Sancerre was a breeze and we arrived in time for lunch on a beautiful warm and sunny day.   We picked up our friend Andrew and drove the 4kms to Chavignol (of Crottin de Chavignol fame) for a fine bistro lunch (veal brain, andouillette, duck and all with lots of goat cheese and Sancerre, of course).  Well fed, we headed over to Domaine Vacheron.  We met with Jean-Laurent, one of four male Vacherons (two brothers and their sons) who currently run the domaine.

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