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Find the wines recommended in the Wall Street Journal

Lettie Teague is one of America’s great wine writers. And since 2010 she’s had one of America’s great wine columns in the Wall Street Journal. She writes about a broad swath of the wine world, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that her interests often overlap with ours.

Customers come in, call and email looking for the wines she’s discussed every time the Journal publishes a new piece. Sometimes we’ve emailed and sometimes we’ve blogged about her column and the wines we carry. But we realized that with this degree of steady interest we ought to make it easy for people to find the wines she’s talking about.

So we’ve created collections in both our New York and San Francisco stores where you can find all the wines we have in stock that have rated a mention in her column. 

Of course, a lot of the wines Lettie writes about are hard to find. Limited-production, imported in small amounts. And they're vintage sensitive, so when one vintage sells out the next one may be totally different. And once Lettie sings the praises of a wine in a national paper like the WSJ, it tends to disappear pretty quickly.   

So if you really want to be sure to get the first crack at the hardest to source of these wines, we hope you’ll sign up for our Newsletter below. We’ll often give our Newsletter subscribers first crack at these wines –and at special discounts too!

Who is Lettie Teague?

Lettie's been writing wine columns (in Food and Wine Magazine before the Journal) since 2001, including a three-part series, Educating Peter, that helped form a foundation for how we think about discussing wine with people who haven’t been bitten by the wine bug (yet). She’s won tons of awards and written books too!

Sometimes she stirs the pot, and we love that -- even when we disagree with her (check out: Is Barolo still Italy's greatest wine? We are partial to traditional Barolos).

But she's a great champion of the wines we most love, artisanal wines that express a sense of place. For instance, she’s been writing about Flatiron-favorite, Domaie de la Pepiere Muscadet, since at least the 2003 vintage.

So, what Lettie writes about wine, we read. And if we have the wines to share, all the better.