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Hanna Glatzer

Hanna Glatzer

Hanna Glatzer

 This Article Contains

People |

Hanna Glazter

Focus |

Natural wines from grapes you might not expect in Austria from organically farmed grapes.

Country |


Austrian wine map

Region |


Lower Austria map

Village |


Climate |

Cool climate

Vineyards |

  • Rosenberg, Haidacker, Rote Erde
  • Soil Types: sandy loam, gravel with clay & sand

Grape Varieties |

  • Welschriesling
  • Weiss Traminer
  • Pinot Noir
  • Cabernet Sauvignon

Farming |


Cellar Work |


About the winery |

Hannah was on the path to study law, but had an about face and decided that like her family, wine was where her heart was. She’s studying at Geisenheim, the elite wine school of Germany. In the meantime she makes natural wines from the organically farmed grapes of her parents estate.

What do the wines taste like?

These are fun wines, lively, clean, refreshing, and don’t take themselves too seriously. 

Wines on Offer |


Hanna Glatzer, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2021 $35.99 $31.67

"Juicy, fresh Cabernet with notes of creme de violette and milk chocolate. Light, with red notes. Tannins are diffuse and grainy, but mercifully ripe. Good.'' — JR Thomason, Flatiron Wines

"Smooth and supple tannins that are really stretched out, delish, a light entry Cab that actually does taste like Cab. Love the graphite finish." -- Julia Burke, Flatiron Wines

"Wow, that is great, high acid, fine moderate tannins, a Cab-like-bojo. Yum." -- Clara Dalzell, Flatiron Wines


Hanna Glatzer, Pinot Noir, 2021 $35.99 $31.67

"Smells like Pinot! Some VA, but moderate and not a negative. Dried cherry fruit, with licorice and tar notes in a very 'spätburgunder' way."" — JR Thomason, Flatiron Wines

"I really like the texture of this. Chewy, leathery and a little smoky, I think this goes with the gamay crowd. Nice clean finish. Birria pairing/al pastor tacos" — Julia Burke, Flatiron Wines

"All certified organic. Grandma is the vineyard manager at 75 years old. This is quite good, it was reductive on opening, but is a nice little Pinot. Juicy and earthy. 100% whole bunch fermentation for 1-2 weeks, pressed into used oak, 5th or 6th use."" — Clara Dalzell, Flatiron Wines


Hanna Glatzer, Weiss Traminer, 2021 $32.99 $29.03


Hanna Glatzer, Welschriesling, 2022 $26.99 $23.75

"Nice, cloudy, fun. Clean, yellow and white fruits. Pear, Juicy Fruit. I like this. Good food wine."" — JR Thomason, Flatiron Wines

"Characteristically aromatic and with that Welschriesling sweatiness/musk. Perfumed and potpourri almost like a traminer. Good tandoori chicken pairing." — Julia Burke, Flatiron Wines

"Really fun, great acid, good label and clear bottle with cloudy liquid. Simple in the best possible way." — Clara Dalzell, Flatiron Wines