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We're huge in Denmark!

One of the really fun things about our location smack in the heart of Manhattan's Flatiron District is that we get to meet a lot of wine-lovers from all over the world.  Sometimes they're international foodies coming through the neighborhood specifically to check out Eataly, Whisk, Beechers or the Union Square Greenmarket.  And sometimes they're  architecture buffs checking out the Flatiron Building along with the rest of the beautiful buildings (including ours!) in the "Lady's Mile" district. 

But it's always fun to meet and chat with people from faraway lands.  And sometimes they go home and tell all their friends, who in turn come visit us when they pass through NYC, which is obviously awesome and very much appreciated by us.

Well, we recently had a visit from Danish wine-lover and wine writer, Mads Jordansen, who said he loved the store and asked permission to take some pictures.  And now he sent us this link to an article they published in Denmark about our shop!  Thanks Mads -- we're ready for the Danish Invasion!

In case your Danish isn't any better than mine, I've included a Google Translate of the piece, in all its ridiculous machine-translated glory:

Near the iconic Flatiron Building in Manhattan, New York, you will find an insanely delicious wine shop that will make most wine lovers to feel like a 10-year-old in Tivoli.

It's hard to imagine what could make the magical and iconic Flatiron Building in Manhattan even fatter . But for us vinnørder should it just be a serious and delicious wine shop. And that's exactly what you 'll find in the building. The area is the Flatiron District - right in the middle between Chelsea and Grammercy .

On Saturday afternoon, I will stop by the store, Beau Rapier to work. He is head and vinindkøber the relatively newly opened store. He welcomes me , asking what I'm looking for and displays around the different wine regions, as the store is exploring. There are plenty of classic and well-known European wines. Champagne , Burgundy, Loire, Rioja, Bordeaux and Alsace, but also California wines and - quite interesting - local wines from New York State.  All of serious wineries and highly significant had also a few days before my visit was a tasting of Austrian Peter Veyder - Malberg , one of the Austrian Wachau absolute best wineries .

The regulars are local residents and employees of local businesses, especially architects and designers who just need a bottle of wine to take home in the evening. In fact, the store has become so popular that it has customers all over the world who have ship fresh supplies of wine from the charming wine shop in the middle of Manhattan.

If you're nearby, you will have to look inside, in addition to a solid selection of wines, the shop is decorated in a classic New Yorker style with exposed brick walls and black industrial lamps hanging from the ceiling. The staff are friendly and have a solid knowledge of wine.