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You can find that wine! Here's how to get your hands on the New York Times top wine picks

Eric Asimov, writing in the New York Times, gave us a super shout-out when he declared that we are one of the “great New York City wine shops,” and one of the rare wine stores in America where you can actually find the wines that he recommends in the New York Times.

Thank you Eric!

We work super-hard to stock our shelves with the kinds of wines that Eric champions: wines with personality, wines of terroir, wines that tell stories.

But even here we occasionally face the issue that prompted the column, "Why you can't find that wine."  When Eric and the New York Times recommend a wine, readers immediately go hunting for it in shops and on-line.  And since most of these wines tend to be very small production -- and pretty hard to get a hold of in the first place -- the moment they blow up in the Times, they disappear from wine shop shelves.  In fact, a top pick in one of Asimov's articles will frequently sell out across the country even before the print edition comes out, such is the power of the internet!

So how do you get a hold of these wines? The answer is simple:  Sign up for our newsletter!  (The sign-up is right up at the top of this page, on the right!)

The truth is, you often can find "that wine" (and many others, besides) via our mailing list.  When a wine becomes a New York Times top pick, we will typically offer whatever we have left in our weekly newsletter.  For example, after Asimov’s recent round-up of Loire Valley reds we offered both the top wine and the top value in our newsletter, and both at prices lower than those quoted in the article!  Best of all, we had more than enough wine for all our subscribers who wanted some.

And we should note that this is a great solution for wine lovers across the globe.  Even if you live somewhere without wine stores that focus on these kinds of wines, we can help.  We have people from over 40 states (and many different countries!) on our newsletter, and we ship everywhere we’re legally permitted to.

The other reason to sign up is that we love to use the newsletter as a venue to introduce new, exciting, delicious wines to our customers.  And there have been many times when we see something that we have offered pop up in one of Asimov's columns (or in other publications) a few weeks or months later.   So sign up and get to know us and you’ll discover tomorrow’s hot wines today!

As Eric says:

“What can a consumer do when these tools don’t work? Plenty. It begins with finding and establishing a relationship with a good wine shop. And when not every bottle is available, it helps to be open to similar alternatives.”

We hope you’ll give us a chance, either by dropping by the shop or by signing up – or both!


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