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Kickass 2020 Super Bowl Pairings!

Maybe once Super Bowl Sunday was a day off for wine, but not anymore. The party may demand lots of cold beer, but you need some wine staples as well. Even 9 years ago, when I went to a Super Bowl party to watch the Giants take on the Patriots, there was more wine than beer! I felt a bit out of touch! Sure, I brought a bottle of wine, but I did so thinking it would be one of a few. Instead there was a table full of wine! 

It’s clear wine is in. This is certainly true on the biggest Sunday of the year. Leave the Miller lite to your buddy, instead bring something that you know will please a crowd. And, if we’re going to drink wine while watching the game (or just the halftime show), why not choose wines to pair with the most popular game day food

Classic Super Bowl spreads are the greatest hits of American comfort and fast food. It’s Thanksgiving for snacks: pizza, chicken wings, nachos, chili dogs and pretzels. 

With all that in mind here are our picks to pair with your Super Bowl Sunday spread


Chicken Wings + Prosecco

You can dress them up lots of different ways, but let’s stick with the classic Buffalo style --- tart, buttery and spicy. Yes, beer really does the trick, but sparkling wine might actually be better. Dry, light and effervescent wines like Prosecco have the bubbles and acid to cleanse the palate and aren’t as filling as beer . . . so you can eat more wings!

Our picks:

San Francisco - Bisol, Prosecco DOC “Jeio”, NV $14.99

New York - Serata, Prosecco, NV $12.99

Pizza + Rosso di Montalcino 

Whether you make your own or order from your local delivery joint, pizza is clearly one of the most popular choices for the game. Any dry, medium bodied red will do the trick, but choosing classic Italian red like Sangiovese is always a touchdown. Rosso di Montalcino from the fabulous 2016 vintage is a perfect choice.

Our picks:

San Francisco - Lisini, Rosso di Montalcino, 2016 $27.99

New York - Val di Suga, Rosso di Montalcino, 2016 $24.99

Nachos + Beaujolais

A favorite at my house, roast a pork shoulder all day and then throw it on some chips with cheese, jalapeños, sour cream and guacamole. Tough wine pairing? Not really. Light, fruity reds with good acidity are perfect to wash down nachos. And they also transfer over to similar foods like chili dogs. Grapes like Mencia and Gamay will do the trick nicely.

Our picks:

San Francisco - Julien Sunier, Beaujolais-Village “Wild Soul”, 2018 $22.99

New York - Domaine des Terres Dorees (Jean-Paul Brun) Beaujolais L'Ancien, 2018 $18.99


Oysters + Champagne

If this isn’t a Super Bowl standard yet, it should be! There’s always someone who would rather be hanging out in the kitchen instead of in front the T.V., give them some oysters and tell them to start shucking! Classic pairings include Muscadet and Chablis, but let’s go with Champagne. (And you can get some extra bottles in case your team wins. Go 9ers!)

Our picks:

San Francisco - Pierre Gimonnet et Fils, Champagne Brut 1er Cru Blanc de Blancs “Cuvée de Cuis”, NV $49.99

New York - Laherte Freres, Champagne Brut "Ultradition", NV $44.99

Get in on the fun! DM us on instagram (@flatironwines) you favorite superbowl pairing! And don’t forget to tag us in your wine posts! You can also reach out to us via email in SF Here and in NY Here. Let us know which wine or snack you’re most looking forward to!