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Spotlight on Growing: Tschida's Brutal and Labaille's L'authentique

We've highlighted two producers and wines that could not be more different. But, what do they have in common? Easy: a commitment to incredible, singular, focussed wine making. 

In San Francisco, we're offering Labaille's l'Authentique.

Labaille's l'Authentique Sancerre

When legendary importer Louis/Dressner discovered the domaine of Thomas-Labaille, the vines were still being tended by hand. Lying in the famous Sancerre village of Chavignol, Jean-Paul Labaille’s father-in-law, Claude Thomas, was at the helm at the time.

And so it was, that Jean-Paul learned the old ways from Claude, and eventually took over.

Today, with Jean-Paul at the helm, Thomas-Labaeille makes a wide range of delicious wines. The family jewels are their old vines in the Monts Damnés, a vineyard that would undoubtedly be one of Sancerre’s Grand Crus, if there was such a thing.

The focus and style of l’Authentique is more in step with the types of bistro Sancerre that you see the world over, but this is not generic Sauvignon Blanc. Thanks to Jean-Paul’s devotion the terroir and tradition of his village and region, this wine is a beautiful expression of its vintage and place.

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In New York, we're offering Christian Tschida's Brutal

Tschida Brutal and Food

Like any genuine natural winemaker, Christian farms without recourse to chemical treatments, and his cellar philosophy is decidedly low-interventionist.

What separates Tschida’s wines from those of his like-minded peers is their uncommon delicacy, radiance, and focus, qualities which have garnered them “cult” status and a place on the lists of some of the world’s most venerated restaurants and wine bars.

Today we’re offering two rare and delicious examples of Tschida’s handiwork: “Brutal”, a light red made from Pinot Noir, and “Birdscape”, which falls somewhere between a light red and a rosé, and is made from a Blaufrankisch-prominent combination of red and white grapes. 

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