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Custom Cases: Made Just for You

When your mind is elsewhere, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to go shopping for wine. No matter how essential it is to our daily lives, in the coming weeks you may have trouble arranging your schedule with time to place thoughtful orders. That is where we come in. 

We know our stock backwards and forwards, even in these trying times. So, you can reach out to us and we can build you a custom case. There is no extra fee or charge for consultation; no lengthy quizzes or interrogations of your taste. In fact, buying a case of wine this way is probably the easiest approach to finding new wines that you’ll love. 

1. Call or email your local shop. 

New York: (212) 477-1315 or nyc.delivery@flatiron-wines.com

San Francisco: (415) 780-1405 or sfoffers@flatiron-wines.com

2. Tell us what you like/dislike.

Did you buy a wine from us that you loved? Do you want wines that are bone dry? Crisp and mineral? Fun and fruity? Are you eating any specific meals? Do you like full bodied reds only? Maybe you love Champagne, but don’t want that right now. Whatever you know about your taste, we want to know! 

3. Give us a budget/specifics.

If you have an average price per bottle or a total budget you’d like to stay under, let us know. We have wines we adore at all price ranges!

The only other thing we need is a note on quantity. Do you want 6 bottles? A case of 12? Do you want all different bottles or a few of each pick? This will help us make a case that fits your needs and expectations.

4. Get wines delivered to your doorstep. 

We will take your information and get right to work. Santa’s workshop in March! We will put together a case of wines we think you’ll like, apply the 10% case discount, and send you an invoice. Then, once you pay, we’ll send it right over to you! If you prefer, we can certainly set this up for pick up as well.

We know that shopping for cases of wine online can be daunting. When you’re spending your days social isolating and flitting from task to task, please let us take on this one burden, small though it may be. Frankly, we love doing it!

To read our full response to the current crisis, check out our blog here. We appreciate all the support you, our customers, have been giving us the past few weeks. We wouldn’t be able to continue sharing our love of wines if it weren’t for the outpouring of love we have received from you all! 

Stay safe, wash your hands, and happy wine-ing, 

The Flatiron Team