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Our Complete Guide to the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is often looked over. But we think that it's time this region gets the iconic reputation it deserves. 

The Loire represents so many beautiful kinds of wine. Someone could spend their whole life drinking only wines of the Loire Valley and could still experience so much of what the world of wine offers. 

Peruse this guide with a delicious glass of wine. And keep an eye out, this guide will be updated with more and more as we continue our journey through the Loire!

Top Five Reasons to Love the Loire

The wines of the Loire Valley are some of the greatest wines in the world. The region gives us everything a wine lover could want, from collectible and age-worthy gems to fresh, fruity friendly wines that are easy to drink pair with any food on any occasion.

And yet they don’t have the high profile of peer regions, like Burgundy and Bordeaux. 

Sancerre, the Loire’s most famous wine by a long shot, is practically a household name in America. But beyond Sancerre, the Loire is still relatively unknown. 

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Introduction to the Loire Valley

Loire Valley Wines are the wines that come from the vineyards scattered along the valley of the Loire River. No surprise there. But Loire wines themselves are full of surprises and thrills. They offer great (often surprising!) food pairings. And, possibly more so than any other great French region: amazing values.   
And make no mistake: although the wines are generally budget friendly, the Loire Valley is one of France’s great wine regions. Just because many of the Loire’s wines are inexpensive doesn’t mean that it isn’t the source of some of the flat-out best wines in the world.

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Guide to the Touraine

The Touraine does it all and does it brilliantly: easy-drinking white, red and rosé wines; sparkling wines; sweet wines that will bend your mind. The region even makes incredibly cellar-worthy reds and some of France’s longest-lived collectible white wines. 

If France is the world’s most diverse wine country and the Loire is France’s most diverse wine region, the Touraine is the Loire Valley’s most diverse subregion.

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Guide to Anjou-Saumur

The next stop in our wine voyage down the Loire River is Anjou-Saumur, the area around the French city of Angers. Anjou-Saumur is one half of the area often called the  “Middle Loire” (the Touraine being the other). 

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Guide to the Lower Loire

The Lower Loire is the last wine region the Loire River passes through on its way to the Atlantic ocean. Home to Muscadet -- one of the most perfect dry white wines for shellfish and more --- the Lower Loire could be the single greatest value region for white wines in the world

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Watch this space, as we have more on the illustrious Loire Valley COMING SOON.