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Sparkling Wines from Eric Asimov's NY Times "Wine School"

Eric Asimov's latest New York Times Wine School is on sparkling wines and it features two of our absolute favorite "Champagne Alternatives": Huet's Petillant and Recaredo's Cava. And once again: You can find Eric's wines here!

I use the scare quotes on "Champagne Alternatives" because, although it's super-common to drink these wines when you might otherwise have turned to Champagne, these are not Champagne knock-offs.

No, these are real wines that deserve to be approached on their own terms. Both are hand-made, artisanal bubblies. Both are classic expressions of a local tradition: Recaredo, the real pleasure of Cava; Huet, the unique joy of sparkling Chenin Blanc from Vouvray. 

We have good stock of both wines, but a mention in the Times tends to dry supplies up pretty quickly. So click here to grab some bottles while we have them. To encourage you to act now, there's a special 15% discount if you buy one of each or more this weekend. (The discount should auto-fill at checkout) if you click through from this email, but you can also use the code SparklerSchool if it isn't automatic.)

Here are the wines:

Cava as it was meant to be: perfectly balanced, with mineral and pretty fruit flavors, super-fine texture and plenty of elegance.
There are days I would tell you Chenin Blanc is my favorite grape and this wine is a big reason why. It's a sparkling wine with poise. But it's also a pure experience of Chenin character (the airy fruit, subtle floral aromas) and of Vouvray terroir (a chalky soil signature, structure of finesse). A far cry from Vouvray's still wines in the obvious sense, and yet self-evidently of a piece with them.